The History of Jayhawk Fandom

We do not live in Kansas. Or even close. Actually, I’m the only one who has even visited. 
So, we get questions quite often as to why we’re fans of the Kansas Jayhawks. Why our whole family dresses the part during March Madness. Why Max is already practicing “Rock Chalk” as his first phrase.
I usually give a slight grin and babble something incoherent about the Jayhawks just being Dominic’s childhood dream team. But there is a lot more to it. Really, a whole basketball-speak explanation that could only be shared by Dominic. So, once and for all, I made him type it up. Now the history of his Jayhawk fandom is logged away here at That Mama Gretchen for posterity and generations to come. Allow me to debut, the exact reason why the Jayhawks are our official family team …
My journey as a Jayhawk fan stared when I was in high school. As a native of Portland, OR, there were two big recruits in town that played high school basketball across town from my school: Aaron Miles & Michael Lee. Both ended up choosing to go to KU for their college career. Naturally, I would watch the games to see those guys play; both got a bulk of minutes even early on in their career. 
Year after year, I began to anticipate each matchup at an exponential pace. It was before the blog era so consuming niche sports news from more than 2000 miles away was difficult but that made what I could find all the more satisfying. Four years later, Aaron Miles graduated KU as the all-time assist leader and both he and Michael Lee played for National Championship (dang you Jim Boeheim, Carmelo Anthony, Hakim Warrick, Gerry McNamara and company). By that time, I was hooked. Completely. 
Since those early years, I have enjoyed watching nearly every game televised (easier to do before wife & kids) and have been a part of two more Championship game runs; the Jayhawks won in 2008 but lost in 2012. Now with two young, impressionable children, I hope my love of the game of basketball, and the Jayhawks, carry on for many years to come.


Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk.
So, as you can see. It’s intense. There’s a whole science behind the love and passion and all that basketball assisting, three-pointer jazz that happens around here. (OMG, Dominic, did you hear all those basketball bombs I just dropped?) Recently, the intensity jumped to a whole new level … 

Boom. Giant Jayhawk Fathead® on the wall of our office. The wall decal of all wall decals. And big too. I’m guessing life size … you know, if Jayhawks were real. I mean, because nothing could be more inspiring to this mama blogger than staring into the big eyes of the mythical Jayhawk. Or as Jemma calls it, “the pretty bird.”
But, this guy’s smile makes it all worth it. His man cave dreams are becoming more and more real. And hey, as long as I get my dream craft room some day, I’ll allow the bird to stick around.
Wanna see how another blogger displayed her Fathead®? As you can see they aren’t all sports themed :) Just pop over to here!


 I only accept brand opportunities to write about things I love and would normally buy on my own. I received an opportunity through Canopi and a product from Fathead.
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  1. Cindy Eikenberg says

    Hi Gretchen! Love your Jayhawk Fathead and it was really fun reading your story! I love seeing why everyone selected their Fathead and where they've put it in their home. So much fun and I'm happy to connect with you through this. Have an fantastic week – and basketball season will be here before you know it! :)