Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s Back To Work He Goes

It’s true! Dominic has been back to work for three weeks now! Praise the Lord!!!
He was actually offered two different positions by two great companies about a week apart in late April. We weighed the pros and cons of each and landed on the perfect place for him. He’s working for a national lumber yard and his official title is Administration Manager. In this position he’ll be doing many things I have no interest in fully understanding :) Most days when I ask how things went he says he worked in Excel. And I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t married to me, he’d be married to Excel, so this job is obviously a good fit. 
Amidst his Excel time he’s been doing lots of training with different departments and local yards. He may even be traveling to corporate at some point. To keep up with all the new people, lingo and procedures he has been taking notes on his iPad like a maniac.  
When he first got his iPad he had one of the simple covers, but with his daily use he definitely needed something more robust. Thanks to the awesome case and cover company, Snugg, I was able to send Dominic off to work with a Snugg iPad 2 Case in black leather. He’s a hip, professional note taker now, that’s for sure! Dominic is pretty picky about his technology gear and he has given me the thumbs up on his Snugg case. That’s saying a lot. Trust me.
Dominic’s first casual Friday and a peek at his desk … I need to visit for a lunch date soon!

Honestly, I am so thankful that a perfect, even better, job came along so quickly. Dominic was laid off on March 23rd and he started his new one on April 30th. That’s quite the answer to prayer! It’s definitely scary being a one income family faced with unemployment and we’re praising the Lord for his faithfulness to our family. Plus, with this job Dominic is traveling less, doing something he enjoys more and once his 90 days is complete we’ll even be able to switch to his health insurance which is much more reasonable than what we have now. All in all, we’re happy to be settling into a long-term employment opportunity, it takes a weight off and fits perfectly in my 2013 word of “settle”. One step at a time; one more step to be thankful for.
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