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2007 March Madness – KU is #1!

Rock! Chalk! Jayhawk!

Before I met my husband, those three words were foreign to me.

To say I’m sports dumb is an understatement and I know in those early dating days I asked awkward, but real questions like “Is a Jayhawk real?” and “How many points do you need to win by?” Somewhere on my journey of sports knowledge I had figured that you needed to win a basketball game by 2 points since that is what a basket is worth. It seemed logical to me and I assumed I was right. In my naivety I confessed this to Dominic while watching a game and he has never let me live it down. Truly, it’s a wonder Dominic thought I was girlfriend-worthy seeing that he is a genuine SportsFreak and I’m, well, not.

My first official basketball season was the 2006-2007 season. This is the year I learned about plays, positions, the Big 12, March Madness, and the fact that a jayhawk is a mythical creature that lives on through the University of Kansas. It was also my primer to Dominic’s true devotion for his team. I mean, the guy told me he wanted Rock, Chalk, Jay, and Hawk to be potential children’s names. Good thing I tamed his Jayhawk love before Max was born!

After our wedding in August 2007 basketball season began and I donned my KU gear with pride. I did my best as a new wife to cheer KU onto a National Championship. And National Championship they did win. ROCK CHALK! Notice to all sports fans: Marrying your nonsportsy girlfriend is a verified good luck charm when it comes to championships. 

Once KU made secured the win in overtime I knew upcoming holidays would be easy peasy. National Championship memorabilia was #1 on Dominic’s gift list for quite awhile. Who am I kidding? KU gear is still on his gift list. Always has been, always will be. Thanks to I’ve got the next 100 Christmases, birthdays, Father’s Days, and anniversaries covered. 

Dominic was thrilled when I shared about this post with him. He might have even said, “Finally, That Mama Gretchen is showing some sports love!” I let him customize his calendar and he even talked me into letting him order something extra since it was on sale. A little gift from That Mama Gretchen to That Dad Dominic, I guess :) has up to date photos, apparently Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow just switched teams and Dominic was impressed that they were available with current photos, and you can add personal photos on specific days. Being the smarty guy he is, Dominic added the kid’s birthdays, my birthday, and our anniversary – now it’s guaranteed that our 2013 holidays will be fabulous! Right, Dominic?

We thought it would be fitting to add our mini SportsFreaks in their team gear with our calendar shoot – Dominic couldn’t be more proud!

Since I’m married to a SportsFreak it only seems fitting to give an official shout out to all the teams That Mama Gretchen officially supports. Here it goes …
And to the team that will always be the National Champion in our house, GO JAYHAWKS!

Are you shopping for a bone fide Sports Freak this Christmas? If so, look no further than – they’ve got everything us non-sportsy ladies could need to make our man happy. Well, almost everything :)

Showing off your team spirit has never been easier! Whatever team you root for and whatever sport they play, find the gear you need at Just in time for the holidays, you can get 30% off  any purchase using the code “Clever30.” And while you’re there, be sure to enter to win $500 toward team gear in Ditka’s SportsFreak of the Week Contest!
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  1. j.bossio says

    Wow, was it really that long ago? And I just love the “team” photo!

    • ThatMamaGretchen says

      Dominic was so proud to have everyone in their team gear :)

  2. j.bossio says

    Wow, was it really that long ago? And I just love the "team" photo!

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Dominic was so proud to have everyone in their team gear :)

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