{GUEST POST} Dominic’s Birth Story

After my mama wrote my birth story for my birthday, Dominic’s mom offered to write his birth story! I’m so excited to have both of our stories logged away for posterity’s sake. I didn’t want to wait until May to publish Dom’s story, so in celebration of his half birthday I’m posting it today. Thanks JanMom for taking the time to share your words and gather these precious photos!
– – – – –

Dominic’s birth story sort of begins three years prior to his arrival, when the doctor ended up on vacation for big brother’s birth.  So an associate, Dr. Alberts, delivered Anton. He turned out to be so warm and funny that I later went to Dr. Alberts when expecting Dominic. He sure helped make the months of waiting more pleasant! 
When the time came in the wee hours on a Sunday, we returned to Woodland Park Hospital, excited to finally meet our precious second child! But now Dr. Alberts was away for Memorial Day weekend, so Dr. Cotterell was back on our team once more.  
Turned out this little one was posterior just like Anton had been, which meant back labor again. But thankfully things were moving along more quickly for this birth.  After pushing quite awhile though, progress had stopped. I was told I’d need a C-section, to quit pushing, and wait for the anesthesiologist to come. Much easier said than done; the waiting and prep seemed to take so long! Extended family members were also anxiously waiting in the hospital. Eventually, we were on our way to the operating room. Daddy Marlon stopped at the doorway though, since he didn’t think he could watch surgery at close range. Understandable, but I sure wished I could hold his hand! At one point during the surgery, I felt pressure as though they’d cracked open my chest, but was assured that wasn’t the case. So weird! The rest went pretty quickly; only seven hours after contractions had begun, we were so happy to welcome our newest family member! Dominic weighed in at a healthy 9 lbs, 7 oz. 

As soon as Anton was able to visit, they were introduced. He was very careful and affectionate toward his new baby brother. It was such a blessing to see!   

On the day we were to be released, the hospital served us a celebratory champagne breakfast. Then Marlon and Anton really surprised me for Dominic’s first car ride ever; a friend in a limousine was waiting to take us home. It sure did make an already-special occasion even more memorable!  
– – – – – 
And here are scans of all those adorable film photos that match Dominic’s birth story! I’m absolutely floored over how much alike Dominic and Max look … like father, like son.


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  1. says

    This is really sweet and I love his dad and big brother's matching going-to-the-hospital athletic sets :) I found your blog via Mandy's. I don't know. Thought I'd mention that. Glad I did!

  2. Celia says

    This is possibly the sweetest post I've ever read! Amazing that your mother in law has such vivid memories too :) xhttp://imalsoamum.blogspot.co.uk

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