A Peek Inside My Mom Bag

I’m always curious what other mamas consider their on-the-go necessities. Am I the only one? 
Hope not! Because today I’m giving you a little peek inside my mom bag …

Yeah, yeah. It kind of looks like a toddler/baby explosion. That’s what it feels like too. But really, there is a reason behind everything. With two kiddos in tow I’ve done my best to narrow down the necessities and eliminate the fluff. Here’s what we take out and about each day … 
Diapers + Wipes – We cloth diaper and the BumGenius FreeTime are my favorite diapers for quick changes in the car. I keep a disposable for each child tucked my bag too. And wipes, because whether it be a stinky bum or dirty face, wipes are a must have!  
Wet Bag – Usually for dirty cloth diapers, but it easily doubles as a water proof space for wet clothes if there are any accidents. Wait, you mean I’m the only one who has had a child suffer a blowout in the middle of Target? I love Planet Wise’s wet/dry bag since it has two zippered compartments.  
Change of Clothes – I pack footed jammies for my 8 month old so he has a complete spare outfit without extra bulk. For my toddler who has occasionally overflowed her diaper, I keep an extra pair of pants and socks.  
Burp Cloths – They are a nursing essential for us and perfect for cleaning up messes or acting as a place mat.  
Baby Blanket – Hands down Aden + Anais bamboo is my number one pick. It keeps us warm and can act as a nursing cover or changing mat.  
Snacks – A little tub of cereal, Clif Kid Zbar and a Larabar for mama (the Apple Pie and Peanut Butter Cookie are the best)! 
Toys – For the baby, his most favorite banana teether and natural maple ring teether and for the toddler, treasures from the dollar section at Target, a laminated set of flash cards on a binder ring and a mini picture book.  
Reusable Bag – Love my Chicobag!  
Mom Essentials Mini Bag – I keep a little cosmetic bag full of nursing pads, Hyland’s Bumps ‘n Bruises Ointment, nail clippers, bandaids, chapstick, hair ties. and Hyland’s Teething Tablets .  
Hobo Wallet + Mini Calendar – Last but not least, my Hobo wallet has a spot for everything, I’ll never trade it for another! And really, how would I keep myself organized without an on-the-go calendar? 

Alrighty! What am I missing? What are your mom bag must haves? Share your wisdom and don’t forget to leave links!

P.S. My bag is actually not a standard diaper bag. It’s a gym bag from Lululemon Athletica! This particular style isn’t available, but they have some darling new ones. All their bags have tons of pockets and great over the shoulder carrying options.

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  1. says

    I carry most of the same things as you, although I love the flashcards on a ring idea for the tots! How did I miss that in the Target dollar section? Bummer. Two things we don't leave without are bibs- one for each boy, because they love to eat, and eating gets MESSY. lol.

  2. says

    Have you tried the new (I think) blueberry muffin Lara bar? Holy delicious! Best Lara bar ever. Found them at Costco in a variety pack with pb cookie and cashew cookie (yuck.) :)

  3. Chaya K says

    just a heads up a mom on my twin moms group on facebook just posted that the hylands teething tablets caused her son to have seizures and he got really sick from them.heres a linkhttp://healthland.time.com/2010/10/27/beloved-hylands-teething-tablets-recalled/i love your blog and just wanted to make sure you knew youre an awesome mom thanks for a great blog(another stay at home mommy)

  4. Chaya K says

    the mom said they've made new ones since the recall but begged other parents not to take the chance so just spreading the word..

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    How scary! Thank you for passing on the warning. Has she contacted Hyland's? I'm sure she has, but just double checking. Perhaps they would have some insight? I know many of the children's homeopathics have belladonna and the like … I wonder if her son had an adverse reaction?

  6. Chaya K says

    i know im always terrified of these things. i'm not sure if she did but im assuming she would have, i think she said that she used the ones that had the too high levels from before the recall so actually there were a few cases of the adverse reaction and she wants to warn parents now to still be cautious with the product just in case even tho they changed them. its sad that she had to go through such trauma over something that should have been safe.

  7. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Definitely scary! And yes, my heart goes out to her!