Round 2 | Breastfeeding Essentials

1. Momzelle tanks | 2. chux pads | 3. flameless candles | 4. Milk-Saver | 5. Undercover Mama tanks

Awhile back, after a few months of nursing Jemma, I wrote a handful of posts about my breastfeeding favorites amongst other tidbits of my experience. Now that I’m on round two of being a breastfeeding mama, I’m am excited to share what I consider to be some added essentials. These essentials are beyond the normal nursing pads, nursing bras, and nipple creams … it’s all the extras you don’t think you need but do!

  1. Momzelle tanks – I was blessed to receive a tank from this amazing sponsor and have been in love ever since it arrived. It is the perfect layering piece! On these crisp, Fall days I’ve loved having it as a base layer underneath a cardigan and scarf. Most clothes can be maneuvered into making breastfeeding work, but the clothing that is designed especially for nursing mamas really makes a huge difference. Check out all Momzelle‘s maternity and nursing pieces, I’m feeling quite tempted by this nursing hoody in Digitalis. Looks like a great match for my yoga pant uniform :)
  2. Chux pads – Remember seeing these during your baby’s birth? Well, I’m hear to say that they should stay! I don’t know about you, but when I nurse in the side-lying position at night I’m quite the leaker. Like, Max and I will wake up in a puddle of milk which requires sheet changes much too often. So, I devised a little plan to save myself some laundry. I gauge about where we nurse the most and position a chux pad underneath our sheet. I lay a towel on top and just like that I’m only needing to wash a towel every day or two and change the chux pad as needed.
  3. Flameless candles – I love having a soft glow in our room while nursing at night. It’s like a grown up night light :)
  4. Milk-Saver – This thing has been a lifesaver this round! I’ve stored about 65 ounces of milk without pumping once. You heard that right, 65 ounces without going through the pains of pumping! You see, while you are nursing on one side you tuck the Milk-Saver in the other side of your bra. As your milk lets down, baby drinks on one side and the let down from your other side is collected in the Milk-Saver instead of in a nursing pad. Genius! You can read my full review of this product over at Baby Gizmo.
  5. Undercover Mama tanks – As you can see, I’ve fully embraced nursingwear this time around. Undercover Mama transforms any bra into a nursing tank, talk about a smart invention! This allows me to nurse without flashing my tiger striped tummy or catching cold. I love this concept and just purchased two extra tanks! 
What are your breastfeeding essentials?
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  1. Caitlin Elder says

    Milk-savers? Genius! I’m always trying to awkwardly plug the other nipple with a “free” hand. But who really has a free hand while nursing?

    • ThatMamaGretchen says

      Seriously – no free hands here!

  2. Caitlin Elder says

    Milk-savers? Genius! I'm always trying to awkwardly plug the other nipple with a "free" hand. But who really has a free hand while nursing?

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Seriously – no free hands here!