The Mailbox is Brimming!

Since all of our showers have wrapped up I have been sending out gobs of thank you notes and prioritizing what we still need. Thanks to many of our wonderful friends and family I was able to place some online orders for last minute baby necessities!
This is what has arrived in the mail so far …
This book was recommended during the breastfeeding workshop I attended … nothing like a little more research/reading to add to my pile of “How to Become a Fantastic Mother”
Ordered from Amazon

Long ago, my real-life and blog buddy, Darah, recommended getting cloth wipes since we would be cloth diapering our little one. She also recommended this cloth wipe warmer by Princes Lionhart to make the process that much easier, thanks Darah!
Ordered from Target

Since we are planning a waterbirth, Dominic informed me that I should get something to stay modest. Maternity swimwear is a joke, so I landed on this chic sports bra … I liked this skinnier straps, more like a cami.
Ordered from Target 

So excited to pack our diaper bag!!!
Ordered from Target

Last, but not least … I pooled most of our gift cards and bought our baby’s next-size-up carseat. Granted it will be in the garage for awhile, but I figured this would be a very useful thing to spend our gift card money on. It was either this or alot of adorable clothes :)
Ordered from Target

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    Cute blog…best of luck with your new baby! Birth is amazing. I would keep having kids just to experience birth over and over. Check out my blog if you get a chance :)