It’s Up To Us

Did you know September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? After Max’s hemihypertrophy scare which resulted in an ultrasound screening for an abdominal tumor last year I’ve become much more aware of childhood cancers and the fight against them. Through my involvement I have met two amazing moms, Gretchen and Emily. This year, they both participated in a […]

Smoothie Packs

I’m the kind of cook who has grand aspirations and fails about half the time. Especially when it comes to a healthy and filling breakfast. Those cookies from the previous night are just so tempting some times, but definitely not an appropriate breakfast! I’ve learned my lesson with this recently while trying to explain to […]

Bacon Gouda Mac ‘n Cheese

I promised the bacon Gouda mac ‘n cheese recipe if it turned out, and boy oh boy, did it!!! Sometimes I purposefully go to the grocery store without a menu plan or grocery list. I pace the aisles, look for sales and and dream up new recipes. If you think about it, it is truly […]

Style File | I Hate To Brag

Last week I shared over on Baby Gizmo about my new Charlie bag from Timi & Leslie. I adore it and I hate to brag, but the snapshots my mama took kinda make me look like a celebrity. I mean, a celebrity who is wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day just to obscure her tired […]

Curry Tofu Salad

I’ve never been one for experimenting with recipes, I can follow a recipe just great, but tasting something and then making up my own – not so much. But … a few years ago I tried a deli salad from Whole Foods and just had to attempt a recreation at home. It took a few […]

Crockpot Lasagna

The first time I made an Italian meal for my in-laws I was shakin-in-my-boots nervous. You see, they’re not just Italian, they are super Italians – in name, in spirit and in their ability to cook the most amazing food ever. Why I ever thought lasagna was a good idea for dinner, I’m not sure. […]

Strawberry Cream Muffins

With strawberries in full swing, we’ve been whipping up quite a few very berry treats, one of which is these delicious strawberry cream muffins from my mama’s recipe arsenal. This is our third year munching on these muffins with fresh strawberries and I couldn’t wait to snack on a batch this summer. I was lucky […]