Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies

Back in the day I was a nanny for two sweet girls. Most days after school we found ourselves in the kitchen mixing up a treat. With the winter weather brewing outside there was nothing better than a warm oven, tasty dough, and some good ol’ kitchen conversation about homework, boys, and the upcoming Christmas […]

Don’t Ever Buy Boxed Brownie Mix Again

I’ll admit, I have a little bit of a sweet tooth. I make it a habit to keep some type of dessert on hand, because in the evenings when all is quiet nothing satisfies like a morsel of chocolate. Or two morsels if I’m being completely honest. In order to save myself a little bit […]

2012 | Thanksgiving on a Wednesday

Our Thanksgiving could be summed up in a few phrases … Free turkey.  Bon Appetit.   My little lush. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving we saw an advertisement for turkey bowling at the local grocery store. This is totally something our family participates in so we bundled up and got in line!  One of the freezer […]

Toddler Eats | Paperbag Popcorn

Here’s another fun snack for your toddler – plus, it’s one of those no-mess treats they can help prepare. Win-win! I hope you’ll join me for all the installments of TODDLER EATS! If you have a favorite toddler recipe, I’d love to feature you – just email me at – – – – – […]

Pam’s Yams

One of the best things about getting married is … you guessed it, inheriting another family’s arsenal of tried and true recipes. Wait, that isn’t what you guessed? Well, if you knew the yummy family I married into you would! I remember one of the first holidays at Dominic’s home after we started dating. Well, […]

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Last year I started a seasonal feature called Homemade Christmas. I whipped up a number of projects for family members and friends and had high hopes of continuing the homemade theme for this year’s Christmas. Sadly, with a new baby I’m not seeing many crafting days in my future. But, I did begin one project […]