Introducing First Foods

Welcome to the November 2013 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Feeding Your Family This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared recipes, stories, and advice about food and eating. Please read to the end to find a […]

Toddler Eats | Dip It!

This week I’m diving head first into the facts, figures, and tricks of feeding a toddler. Not to mention quite a few ideas of what to feed those little sweethearts. I hope you’ll join me for all the installments of TODDLER EATS! – – – – – If I’ve learned anything from Jemma’s first year […]

Toddler Eats | FunBites Pack for Bento-Style Bites Review & Giveaway with NPN

For this edition of Toddler Eats I’m excited to host a joint giveaway with Natural Parents Network where I volunteer as a monthly author. Read on for details! – – – – – This is a joint giveaway with That Mama Gretchen and Natural Parents Network. You may enter at one site only. Please find […]

Toddler Eats | Slurp It!

Toddler Eats is a fun little series where I dive head first into the facts, figures, and tricks of feeding a toddler. I’ll also be including quite a few recipe ideas specifically for our little sweethearts – ranging from the baby-led weaning stage through preschool. If you have a recipe (with photos) you’d like to […]

More Green Goodness

I had so much feedback about our green smoothie success! I wanted to share all the veggie ideas in one post in case you didn’t catch all the comments … Strawberrycurls4 shared: Bolthouse Farms Green Goodess (I’ve seen this at Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Whole Foods … I’m sure it’s at many other grocery stores […]

She’s Going Green!

I’m back from my unofficial blog-cation … I think :) Either way, I wanted to pop in and share a bit about Jemma’s new aversion – VEGGIES! It’s gotta be a mother’s worst nightmare to have a perfect green bean tossed back at her in disgust, but it’s happening. She’ll gladly eat a bowl of […]

Star Worthy V.6

When you have a spare moment – here’s the links that are a must read :) This mama and I met on Twitter during Jemma’s nursing strike/weaning drama – she was such an encouragement and I wanted to share her AWESOME breastfeeding links from her blog 6 Free Alternatives to Vaccines – Um … I […]

Q & A: Baby-led Weaning, V. 3

Birthday breakfast – pancakes, cantaloupe, and sausage – 12 months Ok, finally back for the final installment of Q & AL Baby-led Weaning. Here’s V. 1 and V. 2, in case you want to catch up. When you gave Jemma whole foods, how long did it take her to stop gagging frequently when eating? With […]

Q & A: Baby-led Weaning, V. 2

Teething and tasting – apple – 7 months I’m back for more food fun! Check out V. 1 here. How do you manage clean up after every meal? This is probably my least favorite part of Jemma eating. It’s such a mess! From the very beginning I’ve been clear with her that food stays on […]