Cooking with Grapeseed Oil

Last Fall I was introduced to Wildtree which specializes healthy seasonings, oils, and dinner/dip/dessert mixes. It has been one of the stepping stones in my learning more about healthier eating. I wanted to share a bit about one specific product – grapeseed oil – because, before my introduction to Wildtree I had never heard of […]

COOL WHIP Creations

Baby boy has birthed a number of new food favorites during this pregnancy. Lemonade, whether it be plain, strawberry, or raspberry, is quickly climbing the charts as my number one, but a few family favorite recipes are mixed in as well. Most of them revolve around fruit and I can’t wait for summer fresh versions […]

Steel-Cut Oats – Crockpot Style

We are on our 4th round of crockpot oats – they are that delicious! Jemma inhales a generous portion every morning and I love them too! It’s so nice to have a filling, scrumptious breakfast each and every morning. You’ll be sorry if you don’t add this to your weekly menu! Ingredients1 cup steel cut […]

Sunny Saturday

Two days ago we had 2 inches of snow at our house and it was freezing outside! Today, it probably got close to 70 degrees and the sun shone all day :) I’m so excited for spring and summer! We kicked off the morning by hosting a Pampered Chef party at our house. Do you […]

Homemade Fruit Leather

Jemma and I have both fallen in love with fruit leather! It tastes like dessert, but is packed full of fresh fruit. What better way to welcome spring/summer when it is still pouring rain outside … a blast of yummy fruit in our mouth! INGREDIENTS {Here’s what you’ll need} 2 cups of pureed fruit (depending […]

Star Worthy V.6

Here’s my latest STAR WORTHY reads :) Source: via Gretchen on Pinterest Have you ever looked for an extensive list of what to do with breastmilk? Look no further! And a shameless plug for my guest post over at The Adventures of Lactating Girl! More smoothie recipes your littles will gobble up :) I’m […]

Star Worthy V.7

I love reading about other mama’s diapering systems – Jenny shared about some great new brands I haven’t yet tried! Ok, this is a bit late – but who doesn’t want a little holiday all throughout the year? A holiday must-have recipe from Deanna! “A parent’s authority is one of purpose, leadership, and teaching.” I […]

More Green Goodness

I had so much feedback about our green smoothie success! I wanted to share all the veggie ideas in one post in case you didn’t catch all the comments … Strawberrycurls4 shared: Bolthouse Farms Green Goodess (I’ve seen this at Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Whole Foods … I’m sure it’s at many other grocery stores […]

She’s Going Green!

I’m back from my unofficial blog-cation … I think :) Either way, I wanted to pop in and share a bit about Jemma’s new aversion – VEGGIES! It’s gotta be a mother’s worst nightmare to have a perfect green bean tossed back at her in disgust, but it’s happening. She’ll gladly eat a bowl of […]

Happy Halloween & The Best Caramel Corn EVER

Hope you are all having a fun and safe Halloween! I went out for errands as I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. Not for any particular reason – it’s just not my holiday. Sidenote … I loved Kristin’s post about how Christians react to Halloween. So, while mama was away, Daddy and Jemma Pebbles […]