Baby Boy Names

Ya’ll, I’m out of boy names. I love Max and I love Reid. And I knew they were perfect for my boys. But baby boy #3? I’m struggling a bit. I want to LOVE his name. I want it to fit him perfectly while flowing with the other kid’s names too. Is that too much […]

Top Contenders

With our gender reveal announcement mere days away I’ve started mulling over names again. I really haven’t put much effort into names this pregnancy since we decided pretty early on that we wanted to find out our baby’s gender. Names are such a battle with Dominic that I didn’t want to waste my time on […]

The Name Game IS BACK!

  Here is my ongoing list that I’ll add to until we reach perfection … true to my awesome child naming style you might gasp at some options, but never fear, hubby will probably veto those ones anyway :)   GIRLS This is what I’m looking for … maybe something British (to go with Jemma) […]

Star Worthy V.5

It’s been a bit since I pulled together a Star Worthy. I think because I tend to pin most everything I love these days :) But, here’s a few that I must share – totally worth a look-see. Squash soup – can you say, “YUMM-O”  Ashley’s take on BABYWEARING – seriously the best I’ve read […]

Unique Little Jemma and Her Not-Yet Sibling

The name Jemma hasn’t been in the top 1,000 in the US … ever. Jemma did show in the top 1,000 for Canada, Australia and Scotland in the early 2000’s:   That’s right … we’ve got a hip little Canadian-Australia-Scottish girlie on our hands :) My hope for our future children is that we’ll stick […]

We never call her Jemma …

Our dear girl has so many nicknames. I wonder if she even knows her true name is Jemma! On any given day you might hear us calling her … Lovie – my favorite Sweetness Happiness Jemma Bird – Daddy’s favorite J Baby J Girl Jembo – I hate this, it sounds like Jumbo and I […]

New Name …

Dominic and I were near the State Capitol today for some of our maternity photo shoot. While there we passed by the Korean War Memorial. As with any list of names (movie credits, authors, event programs, etc.) I told Dominic, “Look for boy name options.” So he did. He scrolled the names of those we […]

Final Votes

Our baby name poll was great success … thanks for all of your input! If baby was born today and naming was up to our trusty blog readers it looks like we would have a …. Jemma or Miles Official Stats for Girl Names Tallulah (Lula) 25 (26%) Elsa 16 (16%) Jemma 33 (34%) Belle […]