P.S. Birth Story Extras

As I mentioned, my birth experience wasn’t what I planned. I had hoped for a calm waterbirth at our birthing center. Instead, Jemma was born under glaring lights in a stark white hospital room. Of course, what’s most important is we were both safe throughout our 3 days of labor. But still, I mourn a […]

Enjoy Birth

Whenever I need a dose of encouragement or an informative article about birth I turn to Enjoy Birth. It is a serious blessing to have such a great resource at my fingertips! This week the author, Sheridan (mom of 3), posted a list of recent articles she has come across. Two of my favorite links were What […]

Will I be a hyno-mama?

I started listening to the CD that came with the Hypnobirthing book I purchased awhile back. I’ll admit … it is very relaxing. So much so I drifted off to sleep in the bathtub while I was walking in to my “peace sanctuary”. Not sure if it will do the trick in labor, I tend […]

Leaving Well Alone

Sarah Buckley who authored Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering also wrote a great article about the third stage of labor. You can read the entire article here.It is a pretty “medical” article, but she covers vital information like complications that interventions create, hormones during labor and the role of the umbilical cord and its’ blood. It’s […]