Natural Parents Network Author – EEK!

I’ve joined up with Natural Parents Network as an author and couldn’t be more excited! This is seriously one of the single, most best, resources for parents! Yes, single, most best, is a great way to describe something that is uber fabulous :) I’m working on some fun posts that will be featured in the […]


Today I held a fresh baby, just a touch over 24 hours old. Priceless. He is beautiful and it reminded me so much of the little baby Jemma once was – the squishy face, the baby breathe, the little squeaks. He was born just yesterday and belongs to one of my dearest friends. A number […]


So sorry for the crazy, double-speed video! I tried again after uploading to Vimeo. Thanks for all your encouragement too! I’m super excited for this next season of life :) Announcement – SAHM from That Mama Gretchen on Vimeo.

Guest Post @ Frugal Living NW

I wrote a guest post for Frugal Living NW, one of my most favorite coupon websites. Angela is the amazing woman behind this site and she has such a passion for helping families save money and reach their financial goals. My love for coupons and such would not be the same without her! For my guest […]