5 Must Read Pregnancy Books

During my first pregnancy I read and read and read. There was so much to learn and absorb before Jem was born. I got many recommendations, but when it all boils down these 5 books are my top, ultimate must-reads. If you are expecting or your pregnant mama friends are looking for a quality read don’t miss out on these treasures!
Ina May Gaskin

Ina May, the mother of all midwives. Her book is so real and truly empowers mamas to believe that they can birth their child in a natural way. I’ve loved learning about The Farm. What a dream it would be to visit someday! My most favorite thing I’ve learned from Ina May is the idea of “the tiger in the room” when laboring mamas almost shut down when there is too much attention/light/people/etc waiting on them to birth. Such a simple, but true concept! I need to check out Ina May’s other books soon too – Spiritual Midwifery, Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding, and her most recent work, Birth Matters: A Midwife’s Manifesta.

Megan McGrory Massaro & Miriam J. Katz

Where was this book in 2010?
I’m telling you, this book, above all, is the one all mama’s need to read. It should be given as a little gift in pregnancy test boxes so mama’s can get this wisdom ASAP. The authors, Megan and Miriam, cover super important topics that fall into Birth, Touch, Milk, Sleep, Potty, Eat, Relate, and Flow. I love the way it is written – simple, but informative, with a touch of humor. An easy read that will introduce and revolutionize thoughts on parenting during the first year.

Katie Allison Granju
Shortly before we interviewed Jemma’s nanny, I finished reading this book. It captured exactly what I hoped to be as a mama and so, as hiring criteria, I asked our nanny to read it as well. It thoroughly described the importance of breastfeeding, babywearing, and not allowing baby’s to cry without comfort. Since our nanny and I were mothering together 4 days each week I wanted her to fully understand my goals as mama. This book helped me convey those goals.

Sarah J. Buckley

So unique to have a book focused on gentleness that was written by a doctor. It was a bit scientific, but I learned so much! Just one of those books you have to take in tiny doses since it is so full of amazing information!

 Robert W. Sears, MD, FAAP

I didn’t purchase this book until after Jemma was born. Big mistake. Parents are hit with vaccine decisions on the day their little ones are born and it is so important to do the research prior to d-day. The Vaccine Book outlines each vaccine, risks/benefits, and provides an alternative schedule to discuss with your primary care provider. I highly recommend it as a piece of all parents vaccine research.

What books are on your must-read list during pregnancy?
Down the road, I may compile a list of my favorite parenting books too, so feel free to chime in with those as well!
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  1. Bianca says

    I loved Ina May's new book, Birth Matters! I read it before Guide to Childbirth and liked it better. It focused more on siting sources and had a birth story or two per chapter. I read it during our Babymoon. http://www.amazon.com/Birth-Matters-A-Midwifes-Manifesta/dp/1583229272/ref=sr_1_23?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1340740825&sr=1-23&keywords=natural+birthI also read parts of the Sears books on pregnancy and babies. If you're looking for a totally non-serious read, Belly Laughs is Jenny McCarthy's sarcastic view of the not so glamorous parts of pregnancy ;)

  2. liisanoel says

    Since we did Bradley Method with our first, I would suggest "Husband Coached Childbirth" by Robert Bradley, "Natural Childbirth the Bradley way" by by Susan McCutcheon, and "The Motherly Art of Breastfeeding" by LLL and anything written by Sears. A great one to give as a gift to someone who just announced they're pregnant is "Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy" by Vicki Iovine, this one is lighthearted and made us crack up (almost crying) while reading in bed before we went to sleep!

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Yes – Husband Coached Birth is a good one!

  4. Jamie S. says

    Love your list and Lisanoel's that she listed in the comment. I would add "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth", very reference friendly as a topical aid. I also would say "The Birth Partner" and even the Doula book. Great info for all moms and dads and would provide more detail for the Husband Coached Birth/Bradley Method. Also second the Motherly Art of Breastfeeding. We've been BF for 14 months now, and I'm kicking myself for just now reading it! Wow! It has really enhanced my love and understanding of the breastfeeding relationship between Mother and child. SO good, defintiely another great reference one to have on the shelves for every mama.

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Great recommendations!

  6. Anonymous says

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