Calling all gardeners!

via Spring is peaking out of somewhere here in the Northwest. It’s got me thinking about starting a little herb garden. But, I need some help! We don’t have a backyard so I need something portable. Advice? I really want basil to make my own pesto. What would your other herb faves be? Is there anything tricky […]

This Week’s Wisdom

Here is a smidgen of great links and articles I’ve read in the last week. The internet is such an arsenal of wisdom. I love learning from other moms! This project has me itching for Valentine’s Day! Since I’ve been sewing more, I plan to whip up some of these sweet cards next year. Even […]

Article Log

This is more for me than anyone. Posting articles I hope to re-read in the future are best organized here. I’m so thankful for organizational tools like blogs. Three cheers for the 21st century. My birth story is almost ready to post. I know, quite a long time coming. But, anyways, as I journaled my […]