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I’m been alerted that I’ve been less than present in ol’ blog land. And it’s true. No particular reason, other than the fact that I sometimes opt to sleep and do dishes instead of blogging. True story.

I still manage to read quite a bit and wanted to share some of my favorites posts as of late … take what you like and leave the rest :)

  • Fabric Rosette Tutorial – I made one of these – Jem’s modeling it here! It turned out sweet, next time around I need to perfect the balance of not enough and too much fabric glue :)
  • I’m planning to whip up these Nutella Cupcakes for my nutella loving sister
  • On the note of cooking, Lactation Cookies have also made my list of things to try
  • The author called this post “A Breastfeeding Primer”, it’s definitely a go-to guide for all nursing mamas
  • I’m not sold on the idea of giving Jem “normal” cow’s milk once she turns one … so, I’m researching our options: raw, goats, coconut, almond, etc. This article on pasteurization has got me thinking even more about it, especially this part, “Pasteurization does not create clean milk; it just kills filthy milk.” Yikes.
  • This mama post the best information, add her to your blog roll and you’ll be sure to learn tons! Why Vaccinations Can Be Dangerous and Manufacturer’s Insert Mondays – Chicken Pox were 2 recent favorites of mine.
  • This post by Blair about PPD is a must read for all expecting mamas and their support team, I’m pretty sure I had some mild postpartum anxiety 
  • A beautiful letter written by a new aunt, I hope many of these same things for Miss Jemma
  • This collection of Babywearing Around the World was fabulous! I’m loving my Maya Wrap for Jem’s size right now (24-ish pounds)
  • New Study: Women Who Delay Returning to Work Breastfeed Longer
  • I loved the conclusion of this article, “Yes, health professionals have an obligation to watch out for the health of the baby. But perhaps if they approached that obligation from the perspective of a partnership with the mother, there would be less guilt, more healthy babies, and fewer unhappy moms.”
  • I’ve wonder about nursing through my next pregnancy lately, because I wonder about far-off things on a daily basis, this post from Code Name: Mama addressed one mama’s experience
  • A new study which shows “on-demand” feeding’s role in healthy weight gain

P.S. Jemma turns 8 months tomorrow.
Eight. Months.
Freak. Out.
I’ll be taking pictures on Friday so check back for her 2/3 birthday shoot then :)

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  1. says

    Interesting article on the duration of breastfeeding after returning to work. I breastfed for 13 months and returned to work (part-time) after just 6 weeks. Financially there was no way I could take leave with no pay or I would have stayed home longer. Maybe being part-time made the difference, but I was just determined from the beginning that I was going to breastfed for a year.Like I said – interesting. =)

  2. says

    Great links, thanks for sharing! By the way, there are some super clean and responsible family farms in our area that provide really high quality unpasteurized milk – that could be an option too…Email me if you want more info about it!

  3. says

    Have you looked into geting milk from a local dairy? We get ours from one… the milk is not pasteurized or homogenized (so you have to shake up the whole milk so the cream mixes in). Grass fed happy cows with out hormones or antibiotics We have a few local places – but the one we love used glass bottles and we return them.

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