Q & A: Baby-led Weaning, V. 3

Birthday breakfast – pancakes, cantaloupe, and sausage – 12 months Ok, finally back for the final installment of Q & AL Baby-led Weaning. Here’s V. 1 and V. 2, in case you want to catch up. When you gave Jemma whole foods, how long did it take her to stop gagging frequently when eating? With […]

Q & A: Baby-led Weaning, V. 2

Teething and tasting – apple – 7 months I’m back for more food fun! Check out V. 1 here. How do you manage clean up after every meal? This is probably my least favorite part of Jemma eating. It’s such a mess! From the very beginning I’ve been clear with her that food stays on […]

Q & A: Baby-led Weaning, V. 1

First food, more playing than eating – avocado – 6 months Jamie from Lucy & Co. and I were recently chatting about baby-led weaning and she had some great questions! I figured I could answer most of the questions here to pass on the goodness of our baby-led weaning journey. Of course, this is all […]

Christmas Shopping with Kat & Company

I hate to talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving, but have you seen the stores? They are brimming with all the flashy goodness of the holidays! It gets me so excited for the winter weather, family get togethers, and sweet treats. Oh, and gifts … I like love gifts just as much as the next girl, […]

Why Wool?

When we first decided to cloth diaper I was set on creating our whole stash with one type of diaper. It seemed to be the easiest way to stay organized – same washing instructions, same inserts, same everything. Although I don’t regret going heavy in one direction of cloth diapering – now, a year in, […]

Introducing … Wool Week

Mass excitement here … Since August I’ve been learning all about wool as a way to cloth diaper. I’m thrilled to share all the information I’ve gathered through a whole week devoted to wool! We are hosting a WOOL WEEK! Wool Week will feature a number of guest posts from wool experts, tutorials, giveaways, and […]

Jemma’s Money

Welcome to the October Carnival of Natural Parenting: Money MattersThis post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have shared how finances affect their parenting choices. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the […]

Star Worthy V. 2

Here’s another round of Star Worthy … I’m really feelin’ doilies these days, especially this garland Thoughts on being a full-time mama “Falling in love and getting your heart broken, all at the same time” – so true! Thrift List – old highchair for this project This camera bag is on my birthday list – […]