I am a total whimp when it comes to taking pills. Like I gag and break out it a sweat if you ask me to swallow something bigger than a mini M&M. There is no doubt in my mind that pills are my archnemesis.

I battled prenatals for quite some time. First, I had huge horse pills that I “tricked” myself into swallowing everyday. Then my midwife recommended some smaller ones … HALLELUJAH! Unfortunately, these were food based (AKA healthier and more nutricious) and smelled/tasted like rabbit food. And I had to take 9 a day. You read that right … N-I-N-E!!! I ended up mashing them into Nutella or blending them into a blueberry smoothie in order to choke them down. Hear that baby, I ate rabbit food for you :)

I finally got over my embarrassing pill drama and asked my midwife if I could take the gummie vitamins from Costco. She agreed as long as I took extra to get enough folic acid.


Then my last appointment brought about some dreadful news. Another pill. The second trimester is when alot of brain development goes on so fish oil has become a necessity. We re-hashed my pill issues and decided that a kid version would be the best route. Enter my new friend … Nordic Naturals.

They advertise as being chewable. I chewed one on Saturday. I almost died. They are tough gel caplets filled with lemon flavored liquid. They pop like a fish egg would and gush lemon juice. I know, yuck!

After I got it down I read the back label and discovered I’m supposed to take 2 per day. OH MY!

Did I mention these cost $20 per bottle? Nothing like spendy a ton on something disgusting.

So, I took a break to gather my pill stamina. Today I decided to just swallow them and pray to the gag gods that I wouldn’t throw up at my desk. I know this is mostly mental, but I struggle with swallowing something that tastes so incredibly awful. I get that it isn’t the end of the world but by then my gag reflux starts acting up and the sweating begins …

Good news is … I swallowed two with no gags this morning.

Then I ate some strawberry shortcake for breakfast. As a reward for my efforts :)

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    I JUST bought some fish oil chewies for the boys at costco for $10 a bottle and they don't look half bad! I can report in the morning when we open them, but they're at least coated with some sugar so they have to be decent, right? I say take the gross ones back and try some others until you find one you like! You'll be suffering enough this final trimester…might as well make it as enjoyable as possible if you can!

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