Hallelujah for Fawn & Forest

I have been on the verge of a meltdown in regard to crib bedding.

Like, “don’t bring it up” kind of meltdown. It is bothering me that much. Call it pregnancy rage or something like that.

I can’t find anything I like that fulfills the criteria. Criteria for crib bedding, you ask?

Yes, I am that crazy right now.

I have a number of “issues” when it comes to deciding on bedding. 1) I do not like “cutesy” 2) I have a price range 3) Those darn curtains I was raving about … well, I want the bedding to somewhat match/coordinate/not stick out like a sore thumb.

Two weeks ago we ventured to a few baby boutiques to check out their options before perusing the fabric store (I was getting so desperate I had plans to have bedding sewn). Mom and I looked through 100 million crib bedding catalogs … nothing. Then we went to the fabric store and Dominic had a sweet version of a Daddy meltdown saying he couldn’t quite imagine what bedding would look like when I showed him 5 different bolts of fabric. Legit arguement. To a normal person. Me? I wanted to cry.

Today, my co-worker sweetly asked about my color schematic for the nursery. OMG … do you see the meltdown happening?

Instead, I gained some composure and described the whole sleeping room/activity room set-up, bedding criteria, etc. etc. She started doing some research and what did she find? FAWN & FOREST. The solution to all of my problems!!! (Well, all of my bedding problems at least).

Here is what I am debating between … let me know if you have any other good places to look for hip, modern and gender neutral bedding options. I’m all ears!

Available in spring green, brown or grey

Doesn’t really coordinate with our room, but it would be a great contrast

This one is on super sale … I’m feeling very tempted to order now, decide later

Am I crazy to consider white?
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  1. says

    I totally feel your pain. I looked through I don't know how many options. Nothing fit the bill or rather fit my bills. I found stuff that was so ridiculously expensive. Totally understand. My vote is for the first one in spring green. My opinion…avoid white!

  2. says

    I absolutely ADORE that first one. It's actually pretty similar to my first pick right now, which is black and white patterned.

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