Not Victoria’s Secret

Nursing bras.


Not really something I want to think about. I already have a hard enough time finding semi-attractive bras for my girls. My ma blessed me with quite a pair (yep, mom, I’m calling you out for your boob genes). As much as I love Nordstrom, my visits to their lingerie department always make me cringe. Who wants to get bumped up into the “E” category. Yes, that is what they call “DD” who spill … so not a good day for me.

It’s not the size that matters, it’s the fit. Repeat. It’s not the size that matters, it’s the fit.

All that to say, nursing bras are a completely different story. Where do you even go to buy those? Does Nordies have them? Do they cost an arm and a leg? Do they come in colors or do they sport the granny look?

Oh my, this baby business has got me researching some interesting things … wish me luck and let me know what you know!

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    Victoria's Secret does have nursing bras – online only. Motherhood maternity has a decent selection and you won't break the bank on them. I have a sassy hot pink one from Bravado Designs too. Ahhh, the joys of being a mama!!

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    This totally stressed me out too! Here are my tips – go to target and buy a couple cheap nursing tanks (you can get nicer ones later, but for the first couple weeks it's better to have something that can get… uh… leaked on). I bought a nursing bra there too, but then after a few weeks, when I was ready to face the world I went out and bought a couple nice ones. Good luck!sites to check out: Gilligan OMalley Side Sling Nursing Tank (they have one in Tacoma if you want to try stuff on)

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    I agree with Elsie: nursing tanks for the hospital and the first few weeks are great. Comfy, easy.Once you have settled in a bit go try out a few. Just buy one at a time. I made the mistake of stocking up and then hating what I bought. When you find the one you like, then go crazy :) If you are up here in Lacey there is a great specialty bra store on pacific avenue that carries a HUGE selection of nursing bras. Judy's intimate Apparel. They can customize them for you if you need something changed.

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    Sorry to say but sexy is gone for a bit. I bought one "sexy" nursing bra from Elle MacPherson's brand. While cute, it was expensive and not one of the most comfortable. I lived in the Medela comfort nursing bra and a Bravado Body Silk. I picked up a one from Motherhood that was pretty cheap, not a favorite but did its job. Oh and on the size topic. Lets just say I about fell over when I went to a fitting at the PumpStation pre-baby because my normal bras weren't fitting. They told me when my milk came in I could go up 2 CUP SIZES!! I didn't think that bra alphabet went that high. Luckily I didn't get that big but beware you started with more than me. And while on the subject of tatas, I am sad to say, while breastfeeding is wonderful and I will do it again with #2 it does BAD things to your tatas post breastfeeding. Lets just say I have some serious knee shooters right now. Plastic surgery never appealed to me until now.

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    I was a B that boosted to an E while BF. The most comfortable nursing bra I used was sold at Motherhood. It's a racer back style, which worked well with all the tanks that I wore, and it just slips over the head. It was so comfortable i would wear it to bed at night, and I still wear it even though I weaned baby girl 2 months ago. I believe they only come in S, M, L, XL sizes, but you can try it on there if they have your size. You'll find that comfort is way more important than beauty when it comes to nursing gear!