I could write on and on of how Jemma has changed my life. But today, we’re busy. Because we’re three and busy is our middle name. We’re eating pancakes and watching Thumbelina and making a mess of all our toys. We’re going to paint pumpkins and order pizza delivery – her favorite treat. This morning […]

Here Comes the Flower Girl

Earlier this month Jemma donned her “pwincess dwess” and “dancin’ shoes” and waltzed down the aisle of my dear friend’s wedding. Denise and I have been friends since college and I was so honored that she asked my girl to be a part of her wedding. The big day was September 8th at a gorgeous […]

Birthday Wish List

October is birthday month around here. Which means preparation begins in September. Specifically September 9th (the day after my sister’s birthday).  You see, growing up I wasn’t allowed to discuss my birthday until after Katie’s birthday ended. Seems like a good parenting plan. Totally giving my mom a high five. Although, back then I didn’t […]

Max’s 1st Birthday Celebration

August flew by. It just flew. Max’s birthday and then surgery really filled up the days and I never got around to sharing about his birthday celebration! On his actual birthday we spent the morning at the market, then rode the bus around downtown (Jemma’s activity of choice for the day) and then met Pops […]

Happy Birthday, Max!

I can’t write much more than, “Happy Birthday”, lest I collapse into a pile of mama tears. This havin’ kids thing makes me so sentimental! We’re heading downtown for lunch and a park visit to celebrate. Jemma requested that we ride the bus so we’ll probably park and ride from lunch to the playground.  Tonight, […]

Top 5 Things to Kick Off Your Father’s Day Weekend

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Warner Bros. When it comes to holidays and celebrations our family is all about going big. Birthdays aren’t just days – they’re weeks (sometimes we even talk it into being a month of celebration)! Holidays like Father’s Day is definitely a weekend worth of […]

“I Love You Soooooo Much!”

This is Jemma’s new phrase. I hear it a few days each day or so and it melts my heart. Especially since it’s accompanied by a giant leg squeeze, kiss or bear hug. I mean, she is awesome. Like, throw all the tantrums you want kiddo, just as long as you ask to “swuggin” me […]

Mother’s Day, Surprises + Chili

With Mother’s Day just four weeks away, I’m kind of impressed that I’ve got all my ducks in a row. We’re planning an excursion to the zoo — again, because it has become Jemma’s happy place. And what is Mother’s Day if it isn’t about making your babies extra happy. I mean, this day wouldn’t […]

Easter {in pictures}

We will overcome by the blood of the LambAnd the word of our testimony, everyone overcome  -Jeremy Camp We sang Overcome on Easter and I’ve had the lyrics running through my mind all week. It’s such a powerful reminder of what Easter is all about. And it’s true, the testimonies that come from Christ’s amazing […]