“I Love You Soooooo Much!”

This is Jemma’s new phrase. I hear it a few days each day or so and it melts my heart. Especially since it’s accompanied by a giant leg squeeze, kiss or bear hug. I mean, she is awesome. Like, throw all the tantrums you want kiddo, just as long as you ask to “swuggin” me every night and emphasize the “soooooo much” we’re golden.
I had a wonderful Mother’s Day with my two munchkins this year. Dominic’s parents and my family joined us on Saturday for a zoo adventure and we all went to church and had a yummy mom’s day luncheon afterwards. Dominic took on desserts and whipped up TWO Pinterest creations – Oreo Krispies and Cake Batter Fudge. Both were fabulous! I even got to sneak away after Max’s bedtime (which he was not happy with and made that very clear to Dominic and my Mom when he woke while I was gone) to see my bestie who was in town for a short visit.
Oh, and gifts! I gave my mama and Dominic’s mom a pair of super soft jammies. For my mom and my two sisters (who are practically like second mother’s to Jemma and Max), I gifted a kitchen towel with one of my Grammy’s handwritten recipe cards printed on it. Jemma bought me the Expedit desk to add to one of our bookshelves and someday soon it will house my crafts and sewing in a corner of the guest room. Max is ordering me a special “Max” present since I already have this necklace from my first Mother’s Day with Jemma. Of course, behind every thoughtful child is a wonderful Daddy making it all happen ;) 
Here’s a picture peek at our weekend …
 Attempting a pre-church Mother’s Day photo. No one was very interested.
Max’s moccs c/o Freshly Picked
My Mama teaches kindergarten and therefore, is quite the artist! She and Jemma blessed me with this sidewalk love note :)

Jemmie and I both wore our zebra shirts to the zoo | Another attempt at a photo with my babies – bombed by Jemma’s gift shop purple monkey who never leaves her side now | Talk about a gorgeous!!! day for a zoo trip

We forgot to tell my Mama to wear her zoo stripes :(
I’m definitely in love with our most recent Craigslist purchase, the BOB did us well at the zoo | Jem talks most about the elephants after each zoo trip, I mean, they are pretty awesome
Happenstance blogger meet up at the zoo with The Pierogie Mama and her family

My Mama made the most delightful picnic lunch … a variety of pasta salads in mason jars, watermelon, a cheese/sausage/cracker platter and banana roll up bars

Did you know that a mama hippo can bite an alligator in half if it threatens her young? Yay, I think I could do so pretty ferocious things to protect my babies too. | Trying to get some smiles by the “Mom and Me” sign | “Wook! It’s a fa-gogo!!!”

Lordy, Lordy – Max is one sweet little picnic man
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  1. Bianca says

    A Pinteresting husband? Wow, you landed a good one, Gretch! ;) I tried to convince Adam that Pinterest is ok for guys too – he can keep his car and house project ideas all in one place rather than an on going email draft. ..Still hasn't stuck yet, but I'm trying!

  2. says

    Happy Mother's Day!I love your church outfit even though its a bit sad to see all the northerners getting out your summer clothes while I'm starting to rug up.

  3. says

    Love it! I'm glad you got to have such a special day!

  4. says

    I know exactly what you mean. Toddlers say the darndest (and CUTEST) things sometimes… they really do. Glad you had a good mother's day- hey, we went to the zoo that day, too! :)