I could write on and on of how Jemma has changed my life. But today, we’re busy. Because we’re three and busy is our middle name. We’re eating pancakes and watching Thumbelina and making a mess of all our toys. We’re going to paint pumpkins and order pizza delivery – her favorite treat. This morning Jemma picked out a princess shirt and “matched” some geometric print pink pants. “CAUSE THEY’RE BOTH PINK, MAMA!” Then she proceeded to sit down and put on a pair of purple socks without assistance, pack her Little Mermaid suitcase and march it downstairs saying, “I am so BIG and STRONG!” 
Oh my girl, big and strong you are. In might and will and beauty. 
Three years ago today Jemma Janell made me a mama. And that moment, at 11:36 am to be exact, I found a dose of true happiness. I can’t imagine my days without her. She inspires me and pushes me to my limits. She gives me opportunities to practice patience and self-control and most of all, love. Her fiery spirit is edged with tenderness, the kind that whispers, “I wuv you, mommy,” right when I need to hear it the most.  
Hugs and kisses to you my Jemma! Mama loves you bunches and wishes you the very happiest 3rd birthday a little girl could have!
The photo above was her “about me” collage for her class’ preschool directory. Jemma still rarely smiles for the camera, it just ain’t her thing. This year though, I’m thinking she’ll become more a star for the camera :)

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    Can't believe she is three!! And you in those heels is that flash back photo before – serious mama style!