Doctor-midwife tensions run deep

This morning, Joe Rojas-Burke of The Oregonian released an article titled Doctor-midwife tensions run deep. He summarized the recent class action lawsuit to “cease intimidation and threats against midwives” between Oregon midwives and Oregon Health & Science University.Midwives say doctors and nurses at OHSU have filed baseless complaints to the licensing agency meant to thwart […]

Mama Wisdom – Teething

The Andaluz group has done it again! Great ideas on how to cope with teething … Mama’s fingers Teethers Frozen washcloths Large carrots Sophie the Giraffe Amber teething necklace Hyland’s teething tablets and gels Bach’s Rescue Remedy Other notes … Don’t use Orajel. It actually toughens the gums making teething last longer and more painful […]

Waterbirth Statistics

If this doesn’t affirm my excitement for a waterbirth I don’t know what will!Hip Chick Pregnancy Guide wrote …The following are some interesting statistics about waterbirthing. The women had shorter labors Cervical dilation was more efficient – 2.5 cm/hour compared with 1.25cm/hour for mothers who did not take advantage of water during their labors The […]

25(ish) Week Appointment

So, this is a week late which means I might not remember much, but hey … I’m doing my best to keep up with this whole pregnancy journal thing :)Last Monday was our 25(ish) week appointment at Andaluz. We met with Lucina and her apprentice, Lindsey who will both be attending our birth. Lucina is […]

22 Week Appointment

Time is flying by … before I know it, it will be Thanksgiving and I’ll have a little bundle tied to me all the time! Won’t that be something to be thankful for :)On Monday we trekked to Tualatin for our monthly midwife appointment. It takes a good 40 minutes to get there, but we […]

18 week appointment – check!

I met with Lucina yesterday for my monthly appointment. It went smooth as butter … baby is growing, I’m healthy, and we’re gearing up for the next milestone – OUR ULTRASOUND! Highlights of my appointment: I was scolded for wearing such high heels … they were just wedges, but I was encouraged to make the […]


We met our secondary midwife, Adele, at our appointment this week. She is a real sweetheart and totally has the “mom” vibe. I am absolutely thrilled with our birth team … they are so experienced and make me feel very relaxed with all the unknowns of birth. Adele Rose has been attending births since 1977. […]

Appointment Dos

I have never been so excited for a Monday! All weekend I’ve been trying my hardest to enjoy my days off, but the anticipation of hearing the heartbeat again kept me wishing for my Monday alarm.Sometimes I still question if there is a baby in there. It’s hard to connect when I haven’t been very […]


Lucina is new to Andaluz. Before she came to this midwife group she had a private practice called “By Her Side Midwifery”. Since she is new, her biography isn’t on the Andaluz webpage so I went snooping and found out how truly awesome she is! Lucina is dedicated to preserving women’s right to choose their […]