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Five Favorites: Usborne Edition

It has been a hot minutes since I rounded up some favorites. And Usborne books definitely fall into the realm of favorites! These books are interactive, beautiful, and truly the highest quality. If I needed a new side hustle I’d be all for peddling these books. They’re just the best! Something I can recommend without […]

Here’s $50 For Trunk Club

If you’re here for the $50 and don’t care about all my rambling, sign up here and you’ll get $50 in your account when your first trunk ships. Now, all my Trunk Club thoughts :) I’ve been a Stitch Fix girl for years. Still am. I mean, did you see the amazing floral top line […]

Suddenly Homeschooling? Here Are Some of Our Favorite Resources!

Sudden school closures due to COVID-19 have families entering the homeschooling world by surprise. It’s one thing to homeschool by choice or necessity, but this is quite the different spin on teaching children at home! But, don’t fear! You can totally do this! Begin with grabbing Teaching From Rest on Audible. It is a quick, […]

Hey Book Outlet, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I keep a running list of books I want on Amazon. It is large. And long. And adds up to hundreds of dollars. Hence, it’s my wish list. Not my buy list. I use it for reference all the time though. At the homeschool secondhand store, at Goodwill, and now, at Book Outlet. The other […]

Mom’s Easter Outfit From the Base Layer Up

This post is in partnership with Nakturnal. It might still be 40 degrees out, but I’m definitely feelin’ the spring vibes lately! Bulbs are peeking through the dirt and I’m deep into my Lent sacrifice (no, not Catholic, but always up for a challenge to refocus). With Lent brings the anticipation of Easter … and […]

Word of the Year: Pace

Last year I established some really wonderful habits. It’s like I came out of the baby fog and could finally handle keeping myself accountable. Should I have done it earlier? Yes. Am I better late than never? Definitely. Side note here … Still very much in the toddler fog. But I suppose I’ve just acclimated. […]

Five Favorites

Dom and I just got back from Chicago. Ohmygoodness. So cold! So fun! We haven’t been away just us since I was pregnant with Eli. The night in the backcountry this summer sleeping on a deflating sleeping bag pad does not count! So, we were definitely due for an extended mama dad adventure! Date days […]

This + That

January started with a bug sweeping through all four kids. We surivived, but man, I’m beat. Sanity-wise from being so self-quarantined and phyically from all the broken sleep. Here’s to a healthier second half of January! We did make it out once, for a rainy hike, when everyone was 75% well. A kind stranger offered […]

2019 Goals Recap

I never shared my 2019 goals, not in blog post format at least. I think I was too hesitant. If I shared them and didn’t complete them, I’d have to confess! But, things went surprisingly well. I purposefully made just a few, realistic goals that required daily, or at least consistent, focus. For me, this […]

A Very Merry Christmas

We’re having a quiet, at home Christmas this year and it has been all sorts of relaxing. Lots of treats and movies and snuggles! We’ve been in pajamas for days and our biggest to do is to go see Little Women sometime over break. I didn’t unpack our Christmas decor until the 20th so we […]