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The Just Between Friends Sale Is Happening NOW!

End of summer/early fall means lots of things, but one of my favorites about this season is that Just Between Friends sales are happening … hallelujah! What is Just Between Friends? Well, let me tell you! JBF is by far the best way to shop for kids. From clothing to books to toys to baby essentials … JBF […]


Jemma’s Big Sister Babymoon

New babies bring lots of changes. And not just for me and Dominic, for our whole family. The big kids are very much anticipating this new baby, but I think they’re sensing the growing responsibility of having a new little one around too. Currently they tag team Reid like champs. That boy can’t get in […]


Pencil Pouch Storage For Puzzles

      Back to school season is upon us! Are you cheering? Personally, I love back to school season. It’s such a fresh start. Back to school brings routine; organization and an infusion of fun too. All good things. All things that are smile-worthy for mamas and kiddos alike. During this season I always […]

31 weeks

What I Never Knew About Cord Blood Banking

I’m expecting my fourth baby and don’t think I could accurately answer the question, “What is cord blood banking?” I mean, I know it has to do with birth and there is prep work beforehand in regards to signing up and talking to your OB or midwife about the actual event, but to give you […]


Building News!

We think we have found property to build on! A quaint little acre with trees and a peek at the port. Everything is so “maybe” with it all … until it’s not, I guess. Which is exactly why Dominic is begging me to be just hesitantly excited. But I can’t help it. I’M EXCITED! We’ve been […]


Staycations Rock!

We’re back from our staycation which means >>> laundry and home days alllllll this week! Knowing that I’d be in my third trimester this summer we didn’t plan any grandiose adventures. Just a trip back to our hometown. When we discussed summer plans all the kids wanted was to go to their favorite summer camp. […]


This + That

It’s the weekend! Cheers! We’re packing up for a week away from home … I’m taking the kids back to our old town for their favorite summer camp and crashing with my mom and sister while there. I CANNOT wait to make the rounds on all my favorite restaurants. I know, I know, I sound […]


Reid — 18 Months Old + a Giveaway!

  My Reid, my little love.  For 18 months now you’ve been such a light in our family. A constant smile. A joyful laugh. A funny bundle. Seeing your personality come alive is our favorite thing. You dance and sing, love Mickey Mouse, and would spend all day, every day outside if you could.  And […]

OREO Raspberry Dream

What Kind of OREO Creations Are In Your Dreams?

Oh, OREO! Not only are you a family favorite in your original form, you’re a ginormous winner when it comes to inspiring creativity. I’m no OREO history expert (just a Walmart shopper who got a glimpse of all the amazing choices currently available), but I think the OREO timeline went something like this … regular OREOs, […]


Everything You Need For an Impromptu Adventure

My sister and brother-in-law just moved home from Texas. Cue all the cheering! They spent the last week with us and we made it our mission to share many of our favorite spots as a welcome back to the Northwest type of staycation. Nothing like trooping around with 3 kids and a pregnant sister to […]

pink blush maternity

Style File — Heat Wave

September babies mean one thing … a summer filled with the third trimester and massive efforts to stay cool.  And, I’m really, really good when it comes to complaining about the heat. Like, if my lamenting wasn’t so annoying, I could probably win some kind of award for all the heat-hating reasons I think on a […]