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super cool big bro

Baby #4

It’s official … Reid is no longer the baby of our family, he’s a “super cool big bro”! Come September we’ll have a new little one in our crew and we couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m almost 8 weeks and oh so tired. And nauseous, especially in the evenings. Jemma and Max are so excited and all of […]

pick your tula

Who Wants To Win a Tula?!?

Let’s just call today —> TULA THURSDAY! And, well, beyond, because over the next few weeks you and your Tula loving friends and family can all enter to win a Tula of your choice. Whoop! Details and easy entry form below! Tula’s are one of the most popular baby carriers around. Their fantastic design,style and prints […]


Style File — Winter Grey

I don’t get seasonally depressed, I more get seasonally annoyed. My van filling up with coats and hats day after day, preschool drop off in the rain, wet carts at Target.  Really, in the grand scheme of things, no big deal, but still, definitely annoying. The kids and I end up doing a lot of […]


Goldfish Math Dominoes

Who’s feeling a little cooped up with all this crazy winter weather? In the Pacific Northwest we’ve had snow, ice, and … you guessed it, lots and lots of rain. That has led to more inside days than not and even though I’m pretty good at limiting screen time, my crew somehow thinks that cozy winter days […]


Breastfeeding Essentials Guide

My mama resume boasts 5 years of breastfeeding. FIVE. YEARS. There was a break when I was pregnant with Max and then a few weeks between Max weaning and Reid being born. So, for the most part, this whole nourishing another person with my body has been a full time gig for a long time. […]


This + That

There’s no better way to begin my lazy year than with a round up of all the fantastic things other fine folk are up to, right? Technically, I’m not being lazy AT ALL. Our house has a closing date, we’re packing to move, I’m still homeschooling Jem, and juggling a work from home schedule. Every […]


Happy Golden Birthday, Reid!

Reid will always be the happiest way to begin a new year.  Being due in late December I thought for sure I’d have a Christmastime baby. But no, Reid had other plans and laid his mark on a different holiday – New Year’s Day! And that means this year, his first birthday, is his golden […]


2016 Book List and Reading Goals For Next Year

  With a new baby in 2016 I didn’t quite finish my entire book list from last January, but hey, can you blame me? New babes are busy and unpredictable! I did LOVE many of the books from my 2016 list so if you’re looking for recommendations, definitely check out this list! I’d say my […]


Merry Christmas!

These three little bundles made Christmas extra special and full of joy!  Their darling Santa notes, sweet “Happy Birthday” song to Jesus, excitement over traveling to Grandma and Grandpa’s, and thankfulness over their gifts made Christmas 2017 the best yet! Not to mention Grandpa’s Italian smorgasbord on Christmas Eve … ohmygoodness! I hope and pray your […]


Arbonne Giveaway … worth $423!

Today is a fun day for a few reasons. One, you get to meet from friend, Kari, again! Here’s the first time she visited the blog. And two, she’s not only introducing you to the delightful world of Arbonne, she’s giving away a HUGE set! I can’t think of a better way to end (or start) the […]


This Month at mom.me

I hustled my bustle before we left for Disneyland and got a ton of work done so I could fully embrace the magic without interruption. Go me! Doing that has made December slow and easy and really lovely. For me, freelance is one of those “when it rains it pours” type of things and honestly, I’ve […]