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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide — Presents Couples Can Share

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods, all thoughts and opinions are yours truly! It’s the month of LOVE! Valentine’s Day is almost here!  For our very first Valentine’s Day (way back in 2007!), Dominic gave me a beautiful diamond heart pendant. We had joked that when he gifted me diamonds for the first time […]


Winter Games Ready

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com, all thoughts and opinions are my own. The winter games countdown has been a big deal around here. The kids are SO into it and we’ve been learning and planning for a few weeks now. Library books, coloring pages, and lots of ice skating pretend play in the kitchen thanks to […]


Five Favorites

If you’re in the sick slump of winter, never fear, we are too. #solidarity For a few weeks now it has been sniffles scattered with worse, but I’m pretty sure we’re all on the upswing and I’m so very happy. Sick kids are precious to snuggle for a day or two, but when it goes […]


Who Wants a Happy Morning?

  Who wants a happy morning? You? And you? And you?  Trust me, if I could hand out happy mornings like Oprah. I would. Hands down. Happy mornings for everyone every single day!!!  But, since I can’t gift happy mornings across the interwebs, I’ll do the next best thing. I’ll share a few of my go […]

To the Tired Mom

To the Tired Mom

Nap times didn’t coincide today, did they? Ours didn’t either. In fact, as my baby drifted off to sleep, finally, his big brother popped his head up with a cheeky grin. “O-ana?” “No, no Moana right now, sweetie,” I said, patting his back and trying to coax him back into slumber before he was too awake. […]


The Best Fiction of 2017

I’m asked often how I find time to read with little ones around. And I get it, who has time for novels when you’ve got snacks to prepare, laundry to do, and babies to snuggle? I’ll share soon how I fit in reading (I promise, it’s not rocket science!), but for now, I wanted to […]


Truly Custom Invites

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite.  Eight moves in ten years, ya’ll. And we’re over it! The packing is killer. The transition is hard on everyone. The “Where are we going next and when?” is unsettling. But thankfully, it’s over! We’re ready to plant some deep roots and stay for a long while in this […]


Eli – 3 + 4 Months

Oh hey there sweet Eli! Yesterday you turned four months old … four whole months! Mama can hardly believe it. And I’ll say it again next month, because every day is long, but every milestone comes so fast. You have found your place in our family oh so perfectly and we can’t imagine our days without […]


Five Favorites — New Year Edition

Hola from E and me! Is he not just the sweetest dumpling? I can assure you he smells, feels, and sounds just as precious as he looks …#boymomforlife. I got all sappy the other day thinking that someday it’s just going to be me and him at home someday (Dom too, but you know what […]