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Baby Five!

I’ve been feeling crummy for a solid month now but that doesn’t negate how so very excited we are to be welcoming a new baby!!! I’m due in February of 2021 which will give Eli and this baby the exact age gap that Max and Reid have. All the kids are heavily pulling for a […]

How To Create An End of the Year Homeschool Portfolio

I briefly shared a virtual tour on Instagram of the homeschool portfolio I create for each child at the end of year and wanted to better outline how and what I do! I promise, it is not as hard as it looks! Now, keep in mind, our state (Washington) does not require official portfolios so […]

The Essentials of Summer

Today’s post is in collaboration with SmartBuyGlasses, TOMY, and Arabella Baby. Some affiliate links are included. No doubt this summer will be different. We’ve postponed a national park trip and the kids are lamenting canceled camps. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun! It’s just going to be a different sort of fun. A […]

Annual-ish Mother’s Day Interview

I’m kicking myself for letting this interview tradition slip. But some years is better than none, so we’re back at it for 2020! ​​​​​​​This year we had a really lovely evening at a creek near us and next weekend we’re fitting in a hike in honor of Mother’s Day. Truly so blessed to call these […]

Trying Out a Year Round Homeschool Schedule

Don’t you like how my title is so non-committal? No recipe for success. No promises. Just “We’re trying something new! Here’s what I’m thinking …” Before the pandemic I had been heavily leaning towards a year round school year. Then stay at home orders arrived and we buckled down and really plugged through our schoolwork. […]

City Market Inspired Marionberry Lemon Freezer Jam

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Today’s post is in collaboration with American Girl.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​ This spring American Girl launched a darling City Market​​​​​​​ and a fantastic ​​​​​​​outfit collaboration with the Clements Twins. The outfits are absolutely darling – so fresh and and fun and perfect for slingin’ market wares like jam, soap, flowers, and scones. AG didn’t stop at new […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is such a special holiday. One of my favorites. A beautiful time to reflect and honor and snuggle my most precious blessings.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​ Oh, and presents :) Those are pretty nice too! I usually coordinate a group gift between my sisters and I for our mom, I brainstorm with my husband for his […]

Five Favorites: Stay At Home Edition

The golden moments of staying at home … These two battle all day long so it was pretty precious to catch them lovin’ on each other. Nothing like Mama saying, “You better be nice or this video game goes off” to bring out the love! Speaking of love … here’s a few things I’m crushin’ […]

The “One Big Gift” Easter Gift Guide

Today’s post includes affiliate links. Some items I’ve shared were received as review samples, but, of course, I wouldn’t share if we didn’t truly think these gift ideas were wonderful! Who knew we’d be having a quarantine Easter this year?!? I’m definitely disappointed that we won’t be celebrating with our church family this year and […]

Reid’s Room Tour

It has been months now since Dominic finished Reid’s bed, but seeing that Reid is four and still learning to keep things tidy, his room hasn’t really been picture lately. Reid’s room also doubles as our guest room so with visitors last month we got it all straightened. And before his little wild and crazy […]

Homeschooling With Usborne Books

I didn’t discover Usborne until we were a year or two into homeschooling. But, as they say, better late than never! Our family truly loves Usborne books for fun, but we also utilize them A LOT throughout our homeschool days. The other day I rounded up many of our top picks, but I figured it […]