2016 Book List and Reading Goals For Next Year


  With a new baby in 2016 I didn’t quite finish my entire book list from last January, but hey, can you blame me? New babes are busy and unpredictable! I did LOVE many of the books from my 2016 list so if you’re looking for recommendations, definitely check out this list! I’d say my […]

Jemma’s Fall Reading List and a Giveaway!


I’ll never take credit for Jemma learning to read. Shortly after she turned 5 I casually started reviewing BOB books with her. Then, before I knew it, she was reading chapter books.  I wish there was a trick I could share, but really, it was just that. The only insight I have is that we keep […]

Holiday Gift Guide For Mamas


Ever since the want/need/wear/read philosophy for gift giving was born, I’ve tried to follow suite. It just makes sense! Especially for kids (and that gift guide is coming later this week!). Want/need/wear/read (with an extra category of “do” for experiences!) works well for mamas too, and in my case, just goes to show that I’m […]

Page Turners

dark before dawn text

Ya’ll know I love a good book, but you know what I love even more — a good series! One of the worst parts about being a reader is falling love with a series and then having to wait for a new release. It’s one of those love/hate scenarios. Like, how I love going to […]

When Books Become Movies

the choice

“This post was sponsored by Lionsgate as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.” We all know motherhood has catapulted me into a deep love for books. I’ve always been a reader, but this season is something special for me. I no longer read for assignments or extra credit. […]

Books To Read This Year

A new year means a new book list!  I’m a pretty happy camper when I’ve got a good book to look forward to each evening. I do most of my reading in the bath tub; it’s the perfect way to wind down from the day. With bath salts. And wine. Or coconut water. I aim […]

Books I Read + Loved This Year

2015 books

 See the entire, super cool Goodreads infographic about my 2015 books here! Here’s the deal, I set out to read 12 books in 2015. And trashed that goal with a final total of 39 books. Craziness! And the vast majority of those were all from the library so my reading hobby runs me about $0/month. […]

Dark Rising and All the Other Books I Devoured This Summer

Dark Rising

Back when I decided to read 12 books this year I thought I was hitting the ball outta the park when it comes to making realistic goals. I mean, I was a mom of two when midnight struck on December 31, 2014, I had hopes of getting pregnant in the coming year and my freelance […]

The Next Book You Need To Read

the selection series

We’re all on the young adult fiction train, correct? It’s one train I don’t plan to ever get off of anytime soon. I’m pretty sure I’ll be 80 years old and traipsing my way into the bookstore to find the latest and greatest teen novels :) It started with Twilight, then Hunger Games and Divergent […]

Twelve Books For 2015

12 BOOKS FOR 2015

Every year I aim to read “x” amount of books. I love reading, always have, but with little ones roaming about and minimal solo time it’s not like you’ll find me plopped on the couch too often with a book in hand. Well, at least not for a few years until I can establish a bona […]