Chapter Books For Young Readers

Hello from the archives! I found this post tucked away, unpublished from 2018, but almost complete! It was too good not to share so I added a photo and links and hit publish! I can’t believe that I’m still trying to keep up with my now 6th grade Jemma! Girl is still a reader! 

Jemma is my voracious reader. She always has a few chapter books on her nightstand, another in the car, one in my bathroom (she loves to sit with me and read in the evenings while I soak), and one near her desk related to a literature we’re doing with school. My girl is a book lover!

And she’s sharing that love with her brothers. 

Which, I adore.

Because, I too, love books.

It has been so fun to explore chapter books for young readers alongside Jemma. I’d forgotten so many of these treasures! Even better, I’m discovering so many new reads. Ones I know our family will love for years.

I’m not very good at gauging reading levels, so this list of recommendations is definitely a mix of beginning chapter books — 1st grade ish — to more advanced ones — 5th grade, perhaps? Some of these books might be more appropriate for a parent to read aloud due to cadence, vocabulary, and some topics that require further discussion. What I do know for sure, is each of these titles will keep a 2nd graders attention. And, many, my kindergartener, is also a fan of. Happy reading!

The Saturdays — We read a clip of this in our Writing With Ease textbook and Jemma immediately said, “We’ve got to get that book from the library!” So, we did. And it was love!

Princess Cora + the Crocodile — Another library win that later became a listen and listen again Audible purchase.

Ballpark Mysteries — Jemma and Max equally like this mystery series. Jem reads them and Max listens and together they’re the cutest little detectives.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — It’s our favorite thing to read a book and then watch the movie. In this case, the book is 100x better (and way less creepy!). There are four books in the Chitty series in all and they’re all super fun! 

Mary Poppins — I may be biased, because I absolutely adore Mary Poppins, but this chapter also stole Jemma’s heart. And, it’s a series of six books! Surprise! And, if you’re looking for a picture book of this title, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous illustration.

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 — A must read for every 8 year old! And from there they can deep dive into all the Beverly Cleary classics. 

Whatever After — So far there are 12 books in this series of fairytale renditions that merge sister and brother duo, Abby and Jonah, and classics we all know and love. Jemma and Max fancy themselves just like Abby and Jonah and it’s the cutest!

Boxcar Children — Jem intends to read them all! She had me print a list so she can keep track, lol! Her top pick, right now, is The Doughnut Whodunit. They also love the movie, available on Amazon Prime.

Little House on the Prairie — Need I say more?

Zooey + Sassafras — A new discovery for us! Jem has gobbled them up and if I wasn’t allergic to cats we’d definitely be getting a kitty and naming her Sassafras :)

Katie Kazoo Switcheroo — We saw this collection at Costco and immediately put the first few on hold at the library. They’ve been winners!

The Kingdom of Wrenly — Jemma reads these aloud to Max during rest time. It’s they’re brother sister series :) 

What chapter books do your young readers enjoy?

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