2012 Service Project Update


$175! Together, we raised $175 to sponsor our two foster girl’s Christmas gifts. It was such a thrill to go shopping for our girls. I started on Black Friday and just wrapped things up in time for drop off. Here’s a peek at everything! For our 2 year old … 4 puzzles, coloring book and […]

Sponsor a Foster Child (or Two) With Me This Christmas


Last Christmas we (as in the readers of That Mama Gretchen) raised $65 to purchase a share of a sheep through World Vision! I loved partnering with each of you to bless a family who truly needed our help, didn’t you? This year I have another fun project for to help us celebrate the season […]

Max’s Double Thumb – Learning More


Last week I took this picture of my sweet boy. I sent it out on Facebook asking for prayers as Dominic, Max, and I were on our way to the children’s hospital to meet an orthopedic surgeon to discuss Max’s double thumb.   I was pretty nervous, hospitals are for sick people and my baby […]

The Birth Story of Max Valentine

max's birth

I wrote the first rendition of Max’s birth story when he was just a day old, but I wanted to also share a more specific timeline of how things happened. Plus, now I have all of my amazing birth photos to match the story! Here’s how things went …   Wednesday, August 8th, 11:41 pm […]

Close to My Heart


Oh, sweet babies … Life is calm when we’re wrapped tight together. I see your sweet smile. I hear your tiny breathes. I feel your warm self. For so long you were bundled inside of me. It only seems right to be bundled together now. You’re close to my heart. Right where you belong. Babywearing […]

Three Thumbs Up


Mr. Max … Over the last month we’ve had a blast embracing the uniqueness of your extra thumb! Daddy thinks you may be an extra talented baseball pitcher someday and your grandpa is hoping you take up golf. I love holding your little hand and feeling the extra grasp, it couldn’t be any sweeter :) […]

The Placenta Report


Check out this rad button? I’m going to give you all fair warning on this post. If you aren’t feeling the placenta love – read no further. I know I have some family and friend readers who might think twice about our relationship after the placenta report. Then again, I know I have some super […]

Take It Easy — 5 Things You Need After Birth


When I wrote this post for Margot’s blog, Newfoundlander at Heart, she was about ready to have her first baby! Now her little Wendel is here as well as my Max! – – – – – Since Jemma was born I’ve become more and more of a believe in the 4th trimester. Have you heard […]

Announcing the Arrival of …

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.07.44 AM

Wanted to pop in and share some of the details of our little man’s birth! This is just the first peek – there were so many exciting twists and turns and I’m still amazed that we’ve been snuggling for over 36 hours! At this point with Jemma’s labor/birth she had only been born for an […]

Sun Safety — The Scoop on Suncreen


Earlier this summer I shared this post with Sadie over at Brambles & Honey. Seeing that it doesn’t get super warm in Washington until August or September, I figured it wasn’t too late to share it here as well! – – – – – Mama & Jemma | Summer 2011   Lately, I’ve been reading […]