Three Thumbs Up


Mr. Max … Over the last month we’ve had a blast embracing the uniqueness of your extra thumb! Daddy thinks you may be an extra talented baseball pitcher someday and your grandpa is hoping you take up golf. I love holding your little hand and feeling the extra grasp, it couldn’t be any sweeter :) […]

The Placenta Report


Check out this rad button? I’m going to give you all fair warning on this post. If you aren’t feeling the placenta love – read no further. I know I have some family and friend readers who might think twice about our relationship after the placenta report. Then again, I know I have some super […]

Take It Easy — 5 Things You Need After Birth


When I wrote this post for Margot’s blog, Newfoundlander at Heart, she was about ready to have her first baby! Now her little Wendel is here as well as my Max! – – – – – Since Jemma was born I’ve become more and more of a believe in the 4th trimester. Have you heard […]

Announcing the Arrival of …

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.07.44 AM

Wanted to pop in and share some of the details of our little man’s birth! This is just the first peek – there were so many exciting twists and turns and I’m still amazed that we’ve been snuggling for over 36 hours! At this point with Jemma’s labor/birth she had only been born for an […]

Sun Safety — The Scoop on Suncreen


Earlier this summer I shared this post with Sadie over at Brambles & Honey. Seeing that it doesn’t get super warm in Washington until August or September, I figured it wasn’t too late to share it here as well! – – – – – Mama & Jemma | Summer 2011   Lately, I’ve been reading […]

39 Weeks


Here I am in all my 39 week glory. My mama said I look like a 1970’s hippie lady – all peaceful in the grass. I guess I could buy it, except for the background cars giving away the 2012 reality. Oh, and the fact that I’m wearing a bra. Oh, Brother … Mama seriously […]

37 Weeks


photo credit I’m in heaven scrolling through my maternity pictures! Christine did an AMAZING job capturing my brother bump :) We took photos in two sessions this time around. Not on purpose, but thanks to a lightning storm that cut the first train location short. I’ll be sure to share more soon! Nothing like a […]

36 Weeks | The Fact of the Matter


I’m going to start off with all the lameness of 36 weeks … I’m planning to end on a happy note though, so bear with me :) It’s much too hot and I can’t find the right combination of open windows at night and AC Mostly because I am in the midst of the WORST […]

34 Weeks


Yesterday Dominic and I stole away after church to have a baby meeting. What is that you ask? Well … a baby meeting is the the last ditch effort to make a list, prioritize, and delegate everything that must be done prior to baby’s arrival. Flash back to our last baby meeting(s) … They happened […]