10K Like Whoa!

After my 5K in August (that I never mentioned), I decided to up the ante. Time for a 10K! I met my goal for the August 5K by seconds – done in under 30 minutes – and I needed something new to work towards. Because … running gets to you like that. I downloaded the Nike Run Club […]

5K Queen

I did a pretty poor job documenting this 5K. Buuuuuut, there I am pushing towards the finish line ^^^ Woohoo! I started training on May 8th and this race, the Camano Island Crab Dash, was on June 23rd. I had been thinking about getting back to running, but hadn’t really committed to it. Then a […]

Run, Mama, Run + a GIVEAWAY!

First off, a big fat confession … I haven’t run since my 5 miler race 10 days ago. I know, the shame! So much for the glorious routine I had going! It’s going to hurt to get back at it, but I will. After the weekend :) And after this fine, fine caramel flan latte I’m […]

Yes, I’m a Pregnant Runner

These days I do three things. Try to find something appetizing to eat – the plague of my first trimesters. Sleep – lots. And run – as fast and as long as I can a few times each week. You see, before I found out I was pregnant I committed to a race. I even […]

A Whole 30 Story

It’s March 1st, well, the eve of March 1st, so I’m guessing a handful of you kicked off Whole 30 today? Am I right? I’ll confess. I’ve been there and done that – the excitement and meal prep and all the good intentions because I truly believe Whole 30 is awesome. Sadly, I fell off that […]

Have Shoes, Will Run … Austin, Texas 5K

Ya’ll are just aching to hear about the 5K, right? Good news is … I’m staying up late to write about it! Great news is … I’m already looking forward to my next race in March so you know it must have gone decent! The running bug has bit and I think I’m officially owning the […]

So You Need Some Exercise Accountability … Me Too

Am I an expert when it comes to exercising – no sir. If you need an expert, or real tips from the likes of a personal trainer type o’ person – jog yourself over to Pinterest.   Go on … head over there.   Oh, you want to hear what this little mama has learned about exercising […]

How To Exercise With Kids

I put off exercising for years because … well … HOW? First I had one kid and then I had two. Add my home state of rainy Washington and it just never seemed feasible to find a time to consistently exercise. So, I didn’t.  Then, one day – I just stopped making excuses. Dishes could […]

Fit Mama Favorites

I’m still hesitant to call myself a fit mom. Maybe a “becoming fit mom” fits me best. Truly, inside I’m still the girl who would feign illness on PE day in order to sit out of anything too strenuous or competitive. Yes, that was me! Please say I’m not the only one who hated PE growing […]

My First 5K

Back it up to last Thursday and I woke up with a cold :/ Who gets sick two days before their first ever 5K? This girl. I diffused/applied my essential oils (OnGuard for the win!), guzzled Vitamin C and napped while the dishes didn’t do themselves. That put me nearing wellness by race morning. Phewf. […]

Run, Run It Real Good

I have nothing more to say than … I DID IT!!! I completed my 5k training (and never thought I would) and now my “race” is on Saturday! My goals are 1) Finish 2) Take an awesome, sweaty, power mama photo at the finish line. Stay tuned for that gem :) In the meantime, here’s […]