Bring On the Milestones, Baby!


Reid is such a good baby. The kind that gives you baby fever much too early. He’s easy going and happy go lucky. Always smiling and quite the little crawler … and one-handed balancing stander as of late! He’s a good little sleeper, comparatively to his big siblings at least, and this boy can gobble down a […]

This Month On

trader joes

  I bought myself flowers at Trader’s Joes yesterday, because, well, $3.99! And flowers make home happier. I really love having fresh flowers around and should probably keep them on my perpetual grocery shopping list. Especially the jewel-toned Fall variety … they’re just gorgeous! The tomatoes went on this pasta dish and the power juice […]

Style File — Go Comfy


Nine times out of ten I dress in a form of leisurewear – flowy tops or tanks, leggings, zip ups, vests, sweaters, joggers – the sort of thing that can be easily layered. I think the fashion mags are calling it “athleisure”, a mix of leisure and athletics. Whether it’s a trend or not, rest assured that […]

On Being Thirty


Once the boys are in bed I usually sneak into Jemma’s room for some girl talk. We snuggle in the dark and she says sweet little things like, “Isn’t my bed the most comfortable, beautiful bed you’ve ever seen?” and “Did you know my name backwards is A-M-M-E-J?” and “While I was waiting for you […]

My Secret To The Perfect Cup of Homemade Coffee


When it comes to mornings around here, there is no in between. It’s either leisurely and calm with praise and worship music, chirping birds, and a warm breakfast or me practically falling down the stairs running for the car yelling for everyone to find their shoes and grab a granola bar.  You guys, if there […]

Happy Birthday to Me + a Lily Jade Giveaway!

Rosie in Brandy

I’M THIRTY!!! The big 3-0! Today was a normal, hum-drum day. That’s what happens when you’re a mama and your birthday falls on a weekday :) The kids and I ate maple glazed old fashioned donuts as a treat for breakfast and Jem and I shared one of the new Pumpkin Spice bottled Frappuccino. When […]

7 Tips For Starting Your Morning Strong


The smarts start right here! From one tired mama to another I’m excited to share a few ways I’m organizing my days by starting the mornings strong! Feel free to chime in with your mornings tips too! Solidarity, ya’ll, solidarity! Wake Up When Your Alarm Goes Off Just. Do. It. No, you don’t want to, […]

Happy Birthday, Jemma!


My little love! You’re six today. Six!!! I swear it was just yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital. You were a darling girl then and you’re a darling girl now. You are the biggest helper and the most gentle soul. An avid reader. An amazing big sister. A true encourager and a […]

8 Less Mess Snacks For Babies + Toddlers

lil beanies

Reid is my little foodie. This boy has been eyeing my plate for months and every nibble he gets, he savors, loves, and truly enjoys. Flavors are his friend and independence is his game.  But, here’s the thing. I kinda hate feeding him. I mean, I do! Of course! Or, Jemma does :) But can […]

The Secret To Surviving Kids In Casts


I’m no actuary, but I’d venture to say that 90% of moms experience their kids having a cast sooner or later. It’s like an undesired badge on the vest of motherhood. Like, #realmotherhoodinyourface No one wants a kiddo in a cast, but everyone tends to get the honor of dealing with the heartache and inconvenience sooner […]