Five Favorites: Transition Edition

Whoa! Like, where have I been?!?

Well, we finished packing (it was comical), the kids and I moved in my sister (so grateful!), we bought a house in Texas (before we ever saw it in person), Dominic went to set things up (we miss him!), and in just a few weeks we’re road trippin’ south all together (I’m already tired thinking about it)!

On the road trip note, Albuquerque recommendations anyone? That’s one of our stops and I have nothing planned there!

Basically, soooooo BUSY! And neglecting the blog obviously, lol!

I have some good things to share though so thought I would pop in. Starting with our v casual 4th of July photo …

And now a mix of recent favorites!

ONE — I packed my wedding ring and opted for two, simple stackable rings – the infinity heart and twist – for this season of transition. I love them so much and honestly don’t know if I’ll go back to my official one. Still love you honey, though, this is just a season for jewelry simplicity.

TWO — Ultimate organization. I have them. My sister has them. And my mom just got them for her classroom! Super versatile.

THREE — Five dollar mascara that can’t be beat!

FOUR — I bought this standing mirror for the new house and am pretty excited about it!

FIVE — Milk. Magic. Not necessarily supply boosting, but the best supplement when it comes to keepin’ a good flow.

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