Winter Run Motivation

On my birthday run I got to thinking.

Mostly about how gorgeous the weather was – clear, crisp, just a slight breeze – and how it won’t last. In October things tend to turn in the PNW. The rain comes. The sun sets earlier. I end up on the treadmill more often than not. Which, is not my favorite.

I mean, I’m so thankful for it. My treadmill keeps me running through the rough weather months. But man, I miss my tank top and shorts outdoor runs something fierce.

Winter weather runs are just hard. The running high of fresh air and new scenery disappear into the whoosh whoosh of the treadmill belt. And sometimes sheer determination barely keeps me going.

I need something more.

Like a race date.

So, I’ve got one on my radar. A spring one. One that will insure that I keep my weekly miles in check. Because no one wants to show up to a race totally unprepared. Races are 10x more fun when they’re just a tiny bit of a stretch. They’re also more fun with friends … will you join me?

The Tenacious 10 is happening Saturday, April 11, 2020 in Seattle. It’s going to be such a fun race! Plus, the first 2,000 runners to sign up get a Lululemon tee! You can use code MamaGretchen to save 10% when you register and once you do please please please send me an email ( or Instagram message to let me know you’ll be there. The price goes up on November 12th so plan ahead with me and register before then to give you some winter exercise motivation.

I promise, you can totally do this!

Don’t doubt yourself!

I haven’t always been a runner. And even now I’m not a fast one. I don’t run to break records or lose weight. I run to be strong. I run to do something that is hard for me. I run to clear my mind. You don’t have to be a runner now to join in on this race. But, I will share a secret with you … as soon as you put on tennis shoes and run (at any speed!) on the pavement, a track, or the treadmill – YOU ARE A RUNNER!

In May 2018 I started running after taking years off. I used the Couch 2 5K app (highly recommend) and 6 weeks later ran a 5K race. I did another and then tried a 10K. Then a half marathon. Which never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d attempt.

To become a runner you simple run. One day. And then another. You make a plan and stick with it. Three days a week is plenty. And, if you’re like me and need a true commitment to stick with your schedule – register for a race. Any one you want, but definitely the Tenacious 10 if you want a super awesome one to look forward too :) Whether you’ve run marathons or have never jogged in your life. This flat, PR-worthy course is going to be all sorts of fun!

I hope to see you in April in our matching Lululemon tees!

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