The Love List

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I’ve got lots of love for these mamas. But even more love for the products that have been born out of their creativity! Cross my heart, you’ll love them all too! MADRE BEADS I was lucky enough to join Lacy and her venture at Madre Beads as an ambassador. It’s been so fun to get […]

The Next Book You Need To Read

the selection series

We’re all on the young adult fiction train, correct? It’s one train I don’t plan to ever get off of anytime soon. I’m pretty sure I’ll be 80 years old and traipsing my way into the bookstore to find the latest and greatest teen novels :) It started with Twilight, then Hunger Games and Divergent […]

This + That


 Spring Break has arrived and with that new porch plants, room swaps (my nemesis and constant companion) and a busy, busy, super busy week! My calendar looked at me and rolled its eyes. I told it to suck it up. What does it expect? For me to be on a beach somewhere? That was so […]

This + That


  Folks. My days, I’m guessing like yours, are really quite boring. There are many, many special little bits that make them awesome, but for the most part … they’re just normal. And I’m learning, normal is grand. Weeks, when I look at my calendar and see nothing. I smile. That has been this week. […]

Perfect Pins

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 One /// Two /// Three /// Four /// Five Pinterest is still one of my most favorite things. I’ve given up on accomplishing it all, and rather, am content just to browse as my down time. And hence, being on vacation I’m doing a fair share of pinning. It has sparked some ideas that I’ll […]

This + That


On Thursday we hustled our buns to the airport for our adventure to Texas! We barely made it … like, rolled into departures with 40 minutes until take off, a ton of bags, two tired kids – we left the house at 4:30 am, car seats and a mama desperately needing her Starbucks. Everything/one made […]

Lily Jade, Unpacked + a Giveaway!

lily jade 7

Oh friends! One, I’m excited to give you a dose of real life today. The inside of my diaper bag kind of real life. It’s not all roses, but it sure it all functional … or at least entertaining :) There was so prepping or staging of this “photo shoot” – just a dump and display. Real […]

Twelve Books For 2015

12 BOOKS FOR 2015

Every year I aim to read “x” amount of books. I love reading, always have, but with little ones roaming about and minimal solo time it’s not like you’ll find me plopped on the couch too often with a book in hand. Well, at least not for a few years until I can establish a bona […]

This + That


I’m in total nesting mode. The pre-travel kind of nesting. I haven’t been on a plane since Jemma was one and now, with 2 kids and a longer trip, I’m busy as a bee with prep. So far today, I’ve deep cleaned the kitchen counters – granite tile instead of granite slab calls for that […]

The Beauty of Books

baby lit

This year we’ve resolved to read more and screen less. Jem is thrilled, Max … not so much. Don’t get me wrong, Max loves books too, just not his top pick when put up against a movie. Jemma and I though – books4life! I love that she loves books. And not just any books, she’s truly […]

This + That


I’ve started running again. Well, jogging/walking/jogging/walking. Pretty much, I’m back to the beginning after abandoning everything I gained this summer from my 5K training. Humph. It has coupled well with starting Whole30 because when I eat better I want to exercise and when I exercise I want to eat better.  Here’s the irony — I’m registered […]