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Have you read this ^^^? I’m about halfway done and really enjoying it. Raw and messy and beautiful, just like motherhood.

I’ve been on a roll of staying up mega late (like 2am and then listening to an audiobook to drift off). Naturally, I’m a night owl, but having birthed two early birds, often, I end up dragging ’til midday naps. I can’t wait until my whole crew can 1) make their own breakfast and 2) learn to love sleeping in. Someday … someday. Until then, we’ll be watching a lot of Mickey Mouse and the Roaster Racers (Reid’s favorite) and Wild Kratts (Jemma and Max’s favorite) until mama can pull herself together. 

Then again, I’m aiming to kick off the school year NEXT WEDNESDAY so I better get my act together fast. Hoping that with an August start (schools normally start the first week of September around here) we can get a couple solid weeks of routine under our belt before we get lazy and love on our new baby for a few days/weeks. 

In my late nights I’ve gathered quite a few things to share. So, here’s the ever-so-often this and that for your to browse …

My friend’s elderberry shop is open! Just ordered our fall/winter batch – health be with us all!

New from Kristen >>> The Trouble With Faith.

This mama’s homeschool year sound amazing.

Freebie: I would step on a LEGO for you :)

A number of Kickee Pants prints/sizes are 30% off. You better believe baby boy got himself some!

My mom says I’ll regret it, but I’m totally doing some wallpaper in the new house.

Of all the things about our new house, I cannot wait to have a dedicated school room!

These look like a great labor/postpartum snack.

All the birth story feels.

Instagram sale!

American Girl’s Create Your Own line is live and I don’t know if Jemma or I is more excited! Let the dreaming begin!

Do you have questions about this? I’m still so intrigued!

Where my Magnolia fans at?

Another new house wish list item. The bigger the better I say!

Bought these for Max’s shoes. A back to school/sanity saver MUST.

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