HOOT for Kids — A Treasure Box Surprise for Max

Max doesn’t appear on the blog much these days. That’s his choice and it’s totally fine with me. This summer he turns 5 and by that age I’m all for my kids participating how and when they want.

With this new sense of independence, Max rarely joins in on photos (for the blog or not!) whereas Jemma thrives on styling and posing for various projects. Night and day these two! But, when I told Max he had the opportunity to get a surprise in the mail, he was intrigued.

I explained a bit about HOOT for Kids and he said, “Yes, I fink if dat comes to da mailbox for me, I will smile for a picture”. 

Done and done.


IMG_5849 2

HOOT for Kids is a curated Treasure Box full of toys and activities for children ages newborn to 6. Max was (and still is!) over the moon for his “purple owl box” and as a parent, I was impressed by how specific the contents were for him.

At HOOT, you can choose to receive one box or a monthly subscription (at a discount). Once you sign up, you’re prompted to complete an optional questionnaire. I think this is the key to the perfect box for your child. It’s less, “Does your child like superheroes?” and more “Can they stand on one foot for 7 seconds?” and “Do they hold a crayon with correct grasp?”. The questionnaire alone was a fun activity for Max and I because I didn’t know all the answers! As I worked through it (it’s not mega long, but long enough to be thorough) I quizzed him and he practiced some of his fine and gross motor skills. Our answers guided the folks at HOOT to pack the perfect Treasure Box for him. 

Each box focuses on further establishing and growing each child’s fine motor, gross motor, sensory, strength, oral motor, and visual perceptual through toys and activities. To Max, it looked like all fun and games, but to me, I knew each piece of his HOOT box had a deeper purpose. 

And then I saw it in action! 


Max received 4 toys in his first HOOT box:

  • Snap Card Game — This card game is by the brand eeBoo and let me tell you, everything by them is top notch. I was so happy to see this in Max’s box because it was something we already had on his birthday wish list!
  • Triceratops Eraser — I explained how an eraser works, but for now Max was very clear that his blue dinosaur would become a fixture in his room. To this day, it’s on his nightstand watching over him as he sleeps :)
  • Mini Robot — This guy is sturdy! Max twisted and turned his arms and legs in all sorts of directions and he held strong. Max is pretty tough on toys (always wants to see how they’re put together, if they break, etc.) and after two weeks this cute robot is proving to be a match made for Max!
  • Robot Puzzle — All of my kids are puzzle fiends and this one, with its robot shaped character box, is extra fun!


In addition to his four new toys, Max loved that there was a handwritten note in his box. “Read it, Mom! It’s wike a birthday card,” he exclaimed! I loved that there was a printout describing activities that are age-appropriate for Max. I mean, I know my kids, but sometimes we get stuck in a rut of the same old games and I miss practicing various developmental milestones. HOOT’s insight was the perfect reminder of how I can better engage Max during these preschool years. These two things seem simple, but were wonderful extras that Max and I both appreciated.



After fully assessing his new treasures, Max invited his sister to play with him. 

“But,” he said, “I am the boss of this stuff because it is special for only FOUR YEAR OLDS”. Perhaps I emphasized his role in featuring HOOT a little too much. Whoops!

Truly though, they played really well together. Nothing like a fun mail delivery to quell the frequent bickering! I was happy to sneak away with Reid and embrace a little bit of quiet as they explored their new toys and activities.

First they used the HOOT box as a little table to play Snap and then Jemma joined me while Max focused on his new puzzle. Gosh, I just love watching little minds work  on puzzles. You can just tell they’re learning and exercising their brains!



HOOT for Kids is a wonderful gift (for your child or another) or as a supplement to your home toy and activity collection just because!

With Jemma being so keen on her homeschool workbooks, I have to constantly remind myself of Maria Montessori’s words — Play is the child’s work. To learn throughout his preschool years, all Max needs is engaging toys that will stretch his imagination, grow is motor skills, and lead him to ask questions about how the world works. HOOT is the perfect partner for that. And, well, it’s fun too! And fun matters!

You can learn more about HOOT for Kids here and place an order for your first box here. Every month new toys and activities are included so don’t necessarily expect what Max got to appear in your first box! Your questionnaire will tailor your box to your child’s specific age and developmental phase. But, if you see something you love, you may be able to add it on through HOOT’s add-on feature. Right now there are some great games and puzzles available!

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give you a way to save a bit! So, subscribe to HOOT’s newsletter and you’ll be able to use promo code “eclub10” to save 10% on your first box! Enjoy! 


Thank you to HOOT for sponsoring today’s post. Max truly loved his Treasure Box and we were happy to share about our experience!

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