6 Questions To Ask Before You Invest In a Really Nice Stroller

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Cross my heart, I don’t mean to sound uppity, but when it comes to strollers … you get what you pay for.

This, I know from experience.

This, I have schooled Dominic on. And that says a lot seeing that he is Mr. Budget.

Here’s the deal … invest in a quality brand and you’ll become a fan for life. Like, literally, you’ll sing its praises to all who you stroll by. Skimp, and I just may hear you using not so nice words as you try to once again fold that contraption up and fit it in your trunk.

I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do when you’re budgeting for baby. Carseats are obviously more important than strollers and feeding your little one trumps gliding to the park in style. But, if you’re in the market for a really nice stroller, I figured I’d toss my two cents at ya! 

 Questions To Ask Before You Invest In a Really Nice Stroller

Before you find, buy, and bring home the stroller of your dreams, ask these few questions to narrow down the search and determine exactly what is the best fit for your family …

What features are important to me?

Do you want an adjustable handle bar? A large basket? The option of turning it into a double? A pram add on? Cup holders? Will you be jogging with this stroller or just walking around town? Are the fabric pieces easy to take on and off for washing (because yes, accidents and spills do happen)? What are the color choices? 

Think through it all and prioritize what are musts for you!

Who is the expert on this brand/model?

Most high end strollers are only available online. Unless you live in LA or Chicago or somewhere big and fancy like that. Thus, you’ve got to find, and rely on, an expert of the brand and model that you’re considering. Take Baby Cubby, an online baby boutique, for example. Their team spends hours curating, testing, and then recommending the best of the best. One of my favorite features about their site is the Q&A section. Twice now I’ve asked questions about a specific stroller and/or add on piece and they’ve responded with their expert advice/answer within the day! I love their videos too! It’s *almost* like you’re trying it out in person.

Of course, the brand’s website will always be a good resource, but I highly recommend finding a third party who can help you compare pros and cons of various brands/models.

Can this stroller grow with my family?

This might be the biggest mistake I’ve made when it comes to my stroller purchases. I naively assumed the first stroller I bought would work for 2, even 3 kids. That’s what the pictures led me to believe. But, I failed to check weight and height maximums of the piece that turned my single into a double. It didn’t play out in the long run for us. Boo! 

So, even if you’re shopping for baby #1, imagine your family down the road. Will it work then too?

What do other mamas and dads say? 

Also known as, READ THE REVIEWS! There is nothing like hearing the ins and outs of a particular piece of baby equipment from someone who is using it frequently.

What is my budget and how can I get the best deal?

Determine your budget and then work to beat it! You can do this through watching holiday sales and price matching (two things Baby Cubby, rocks at!). But, I’l be honest, my favorite way to get a stroller you want within your budget is by registering for it and sweetly asking your baby shower host to coordinate a group gift. Three times now as a host, I’ve helped my friends get the most expensive thing on their registry by having guests contribute anywhere from $10 (casual work acquittances) to $100 (aunt, grandmas, etc.). Big gifts become much more reasonable when everyone pitches in! And, I promise, you’ll use a nice stroller 10x more than you’ll use a closet full of baby clothes. 

What is the resale potential?

This. This is BIG. This is what has sold Dominic three times on the stroller of my dreams … which yes, has changed three times over the course of my mothering years :) Research what you’re hoping to buy and then check out the resale market. In most cases, investing in a deluxe stroller will give you the perks of all the bells and whistles while you use it and then anywhere from a 30-70% return when you decide to sell it. For example, the first stroller we bought was $500. Three years later, we sold it for $350. That baby held its value!

Have a question about a particular stroller? Head over to Baby Cubby and learn from their Stroller Buying Guide and check out the City Select Lux, one of the options I’m hoping might help me manage a crew of 4 come Fall! You can shop confidently with Baby Cubby not only because they’re experts in their field, but because they’re awesome in these three ways …

  • Baby Cubby always price matches, even with Amazon!
  • Baby Cubby carries only the highest quality and safest gear determined by hours upon hours of research (AKA, they save you time by doing lots of leg work).
  • There is free shipping everyday at for all orders over $49.

What are your thoughts on investing in a really nice stroller? Has it paid off for you?

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    We were so fortunate to be able to get a used Bob double stroller for $200 and that is my baby win! <3