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8.24.07 Take 1 006

Yesterday Dominic and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. NINE YEARS. That’s almost a decade, in case you have yet to learn proper counting :) I’m pretty much amazed because ya’ll, marriage is not easy. Weddings are such a ruse … it’s everything that comes after that fancy day that really matters. For our anniversary […]

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Pause right there and download the Prisma app. It’s my new favorite. I’m prisma-ing everything.  Next up. Forgive me for the massive wave of sponsored posts lately. I got behind while in Austin and everything just piled up and piled up high. I hate it, you hate it, but we all gots to pay the bills […]

Style File — LulaLovely!


Ready to feel a touch jealous? I went to Magnolia Market in Texas while visiting my sister for her graduation!  Yes, THE Magnolia Market … and Garden and Bakery and oh my, The Silos. Chip + Joanna have thought of everything. It’s picturesque and oh so quaint. Sadly, it poured, like Texas downpour rain, our entire visit, […]

Hello WellieWishers!

jem and willa

Jemma is officially a second generation fan of American Girl! If you were an AG lover like me back in the 90s (Kirsten was my first!), you won’t recognize the doll Jemma is holding though. That’s because Willa is from a whole new line of dolls from American Girl called WellieWishers! WellieWishers are geared towards […]

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June welcomed our annual beach trip to the Washington coast. And so far July has been full of summer camps and menial, but productive home projects. It has been simple like summer should be. Once August arrives though, whoa, things pick up at breakneck speed around here! By the time we turn the calendar to […]

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Beach life is the best life, right? It’s our favorite place to go as a family and despite a yucky bug traveling through the family on our little vacation – we had a fair amount of fun. The rest of the summer is jam packed. Vacation Bible School for Jemma, swim lessons, birthday parties, family […]

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50mm practice

See that ^^^? I took that photo all by myself with my new lens! Things that don’t move, like plants, are my friend. Things that do move, like my children, well, they’re more difficult to capture. A few months ago I ordered a 50mm, this one if you’re curious. It’s my first non-stock lens and honestly, I’m […]

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You guys, I’m on a roll with my writing these days, not so much with my running. But, let’s ignore that fact and focus on these Nike FlyKnits? Darling, right? And I can vouch for their comfort. The best ever! I’m on a total closet declutter — shop that jazz here and if you mention that […]

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one who nurtures

Jemma turns 6 this year. That means I’m 1/3 of the way parenting her through the years she’ll be at home. Cue tears and all the emotions! I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about what I want her to leave home with. Like, the top, super, most important things. All the essentials […]

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This week we had the first glimpse of summer and it was amazing! 80 degrees in April, who even thought that was possible?!? With the burst of nice weather, I’ve been practicing being “fun mom”. That’s how this photo came to be. After dinner one night we stole away to the squirting fountain and then […]

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tulip wheelbarrow feature

Daylight Saving is treatin’ me real fine. I’m LOVING the longer days, fresh flowers, and sometimes warmer weather. In the last week we’ve oscillated (isn’t that a great word?) between rain boots and sandals, wind breakers and shorts, but all in all, Spring is good.  Truly, I’ve been a little overwhelmed with all life is […]