Best of the Year From Amazon

Some of my very favorite posts from fellow writers are round ups of their tried and true products. And now you get one from me!

I scrolled all my purchases from 2022 and here you’ll find my “Best of the Year From Amazon”. These are all things I’ve told my sisters and besties to buy and thus, I don’t want you to miss out either … they’re really all wonderful things that will low level change your life :)

Car Cleaning Gel

Cheap and effective! A friend recommended this and I detailed my van (the best I could!) over break and this gel really took it up a level.

Women’s Leopard Active Shorts

Pretty sure I first saw these on a Lulu dupe list. I’ve wanted a pair of leopard shorts for awhile (although this style comes in many colors too) and they’ve proved to be A+.

At-Home Otoscope

No idea how it took me a dozen years of parenting to get one of these. Only $20 and so nice to be able to get a preview when littles say their ears are hurting.

Simply Modern Stainless Steel Straw Cup

We have two of these now and they’re wonderful! Great design, cute options, and durable!

Seraphine Lip Butter

I rarely rebuy beauty products. I just prefer to try new things. But this lip butter got repurchased twice this year … a refill for me and one for Jem because she was always borrowing mine :)

Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater

Get this on your subscribe and save – nothing works better.

Avauma Pajamas

After Hannas, these are my favorites for size baby through 5T.

Barlean’s Omega-3

No one complains about this supplement! In fact, they ask for more!

Sand Timers

These are such a great visual for kids. We use ours every single day!

Retro Sunglasses

If you need a cheap pair of cute sunnies – these are them! I got mine this summer and am glad I didn’t splurge on a fancy pair. That’s just not this season of life.

Travel License Plate Game

Whether you are on a road trip or just buzzing around town on errands, the license plate game is fun for the whole family! Reid is in charge of our board and is borderline obsessed and quite quick with geography thanks to this Melissa & Doug board.

Mudpuppy National Parks Puzzle

Jem is our puzzle connoisseur and highly recommends both Mudpuppy and Galison puzzles. This national park one is her very favorite though. I’ll slightly cheat and share one of our first purchases of 2023 – a puzzle board that came highly recommended to us!

Aqua Sphere Swim Goggles

Get ready for swim lessons with these goggles. We’re had ours for years and they are the very very very best. Perfect “need” to fill upcoming Easter baskets if you ask me.

Arinicare Gel

This solves a multitude of owies in our home.

Laird’s Functional Mushroom Hot Cocoa

When I gave up coffee at the beginning of 2022 I really wanted a cozy replacement. This is it! And I promise it is absolutely wonderful! I rarely drink coffee still, but every other week or so I mix up a cup of Laird’s with oat milk as a homemade treat.

Looking for more of our favorites? I’ve got a whole collection of Amazon recommendations broken up by categories.

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