Five Favorites: Road Trip Edition

This month we roll out on an epic road trip!

It’s working out to be almost 35 hours of drive time over five days covering six states. I’ve been prepping and packing for most of the month – I mean, that’s how you eat an elephant, yes? Especially when you have a little helper like this …

From past trips and in preparation for this one, I’ve got a handful of favorites to share. If you’re road tripping for two hours or 20 this summer, you just may find something these things handy to take along.

ONE — Cannot recommend the Yoto Mini enough. This listening device is screen free, super fun, and durable. The boys are jazzed to listen to books and music to pass the time on the road. Snag 10% off everything at Yoto when you use this link.

TWO — Nothing like a good ol’ fashion game of Would You Rather? I honestly have the hardest time with this, but the kids always get such a kick out of answering these outlandish questions.

THREE — Reid (age 6) is obsessed with license plates. He watches them anytime we’re in the car and constantly asks, “What’s that state?” or informs me when he sees one he knows. I ordered four different license plate books/games and returned all but this one.

FOUR — Do you remember this from when you were a kid? I loved it! Although Jem (age 11) will probably read or listen to books the majority of the time, I thought it would be fun to get her a little activity for the car too.

FIVE — I am a huge fan of cheap, yet memorable souvenirs. That means we love collecting pressed pennies. Can’t beat 51 cents! Although some cost a $1 now … still, cheap enough. This little booklet helps keep them organized and the boys love reliving our adventures by looking at the pennies we’ve gathered over the years.

BONUS — Ok, call me super nostalgic … I’ve got another “Do you remember this?”, lol! CREME SAVERS! I have always loved this hard candy and thought they didn’t make it any more. But they do! Perfect road trip treat to help pass the miles.

Need more road trip recommendations? Here ya go!

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