Max | One Month

When I woke up on September 9th there were tears in my eyes.
Tears of joy.
Tears of lost moments.
Tears of contentment.
Tears of love.
You were one month old and I couldn’t fathom how time had passed so quickly. A mere month ago you were snuggled tightly in my womb. Thirty short days ago we were physically connected. Now, you’re snuggled near me most of each day and I get to see your sweet face, smell your sweaty hair, and hear your adorable grunts. Max, I am so happy you have arrived and thrived!

This month has been beyond precious. I’ve learned how to mother all over again. You need me differently than Jemma; of course, you are a different baby! You are my little Max Man! For example, you are the loudest little one I’ve ever met – lots of grunts, toots, burps, and newborn sounds. Some nights Daddy can’t even fall asleep with you in the room! You’re sweaty too – definitely a summer baby. Your sweatiest moments occur in the car. You despise your car seat.

During the day you nurse every 1-3 hours. Breastfeeding has been a dream for us both – you get a hefty dose of cream and I don’t get beat up. Talk about a win-win. I hate to brag, but I haven’t even pulled out my lanolin! Apparently Max has a perfect latch, and, according to my midwife I have perfect nips. Nothing like logging that type of compliment into my book of self-confidence :) At night you give Mama a solid 3-4 hours in between snacks! I love snuggling next to you during the wee hours. Those moments are priceless. Sometimes you open your eyes and we stare at each other in the darkness. Then, you are quiet as a mouse. I whisper little prayers to you, rub your soft hair, and we close our eyes for more rest. In the morning your sissy wakes us up much earlier than we would like. She is my early bird. You are my nigh owl. Perhaps one day we’ll all jump on the same schedule. Until then, I’ll cherish the sleepy moments I get with each of you.

– One Month Milestones –
Day 7 | First time leaving the house – yay for homebirths!
Day 10 | Your umbilical cord fell off
Day 14 | First doctor appointment – you’ve gained 10 ounces since birth!
Day 17 | First church gathering
Day 22 | First visit to the farmer’s market
Day 25 | First day in cloth diapers
Day 29 | First birthday celebration – your Aunt Kiki turned 23!
P.S. Yesterday we had our one month midwife appointment. Mama has healed well and you, my little man, have tipped the scales at 13 pounds, 2 ounces! Mama must be making some deluxe creme de la creme!
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  1. SadieDear says

    It's official. I have baby fever. =)

  2. Julie Smith says

    he is so so precious. i love how you capture these moments. seriously. i wish i would have blogged or done something when my kids were little. that mustache onesie is adorable!