21 Months

Hey there sweet girl :)

I snapped this picture on Father’s Day and Daddy and I both have it as the main picture on our phones now. Your sweet smile makes us both so happy! This was also the day that you ate a piece of pizza all by yourself – pepperoni, sausage, and cashews. No wonder you liked it :)

Your vocabulary has exploded this month – it seems like you learn a new sign or word every day. It is so much fun to be able to communicate more. You are sure growing into my little chatter box – so much to say!

It amazes me to think that when I write your 22 month post that we might have a little brother around too! Can you believe you are going to be a big sister? All signs point to you being absolutely spectacular … you kiss your babies and rock them with such care and gently pat all of our baby friends. You’re going to be such a big helper to mama and I’m so glad you’ll be with me every day to help with brother.

This month you have conquered the slide and walking up stairs.
You got your first haircut (a bang trim) and scraped your knee. 
You have started running and fell in love with Lilo and Stitch.
You have stolen my heart for another 30 days and I absolutely adore everything about you.

Hugs & Kisses to my fabulous growing girl!

loving your outdoor playground from Pops and Mimi | playing at the toy store | pig face | running with the wind in your face | hanging out with your California cousin | puppy kisses | eating muffins in the corner of the kitchen | thrifted shoes | screams from your stroller when we stop moving
peek-a-boo | bang trim | loving Lilo | balancing act | boo boo | snuggles with Mimi, Hannie, and Riley | sweet kisses | Daddy hugs | messy bun


  • It’s been so sweet to snuggle during your daily naps; I need the rest and so do you!
  • Helping mama scoop up all the bath toys, you even empty out the water before putting them in the toy basket
  • Every morning you climb off our bed, find my glasses and insist that I put them on — can’t start the day until Mama can see :)
  • Helping unwrap presents at brother’s baby shower
  • You are doing an AMAZING job at following directions – things like “get in your car seat”, “give mama her phone”, “climb in your chair for food”, “find your shoes”, “close the door” and so much more!


  • Helping to get dressed – you love to pick out your shirt and shoes and “help” put them all on
  • “Organizing” the kitchen cupboards
  • Watching Lilo & Stitch and practicing your hula dance
  • Going on walks to get the mail
  • Finally starting to embrace bath time on your own, we almost always take a bath together, but the last few times you’ve had fun playing on your own (well, not by yourself, but without me in the water)
  • Unzipping my wallet and taking out all the cards and change
  • Coloring at your little table near the kitchen
  • Playing on the slide


  • “Mo” or “Mooooorrrrre” — more, saying and signing at the same time
  • “Wa” — water, learned to sign and then a few days later started saying it too
  • Signing “baby”
  • Signing “dog” 
  • “There it is”
  • Signing “help”
  • “Itsa buuuuurd” — said and signed when we were at Value Village when she saw a painting of a parrot!
  • “Boo” — book, you love reading
  • “Bee” — pretty sure this translates to blanket
  • “Bay-bay” — for all little people, you often give bay-bays kisses too :)
  • “Du” — duck
  • You say this really guttural word for color, I know what you mean, but can’t even begin to figure out the spelling
  • “Buh-Bye”
  • “Ca” — car, always followed by “weeeeeeee”
  • Signing airplane with hums and motor whispers
  • Signing “eat” when you want to watch TV … don’t know how we’ve mixed up those two things!


  • Grapes
  • Homemade applesauce
  • Canned pears
  • Hemp milk, you are totally over coconut for the time being
  • Granola bars, you love to hold it in the wrapper and fold it down yourself
  • Raspberries and blueberries are your most favorite
  • Annie’s bunny white cheddar mac ‘n cheese
  • Cereal with milk, you are getting so good at eating it with a spoon too 
  • And … MEATBALLS, still your favorite food :)
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  1. says

    Oh little Jemma, you are growing too fast! You are going to be such a great older sister, with so much to teach brother!Btw, I love that pizza combo too :)