Article Log

This is more for me than anyone. Posting articles I hope to re-read in the future are best organized here. I’m so thankful for organizational tools like blogs. Three cheers for the 21st century. My birth story is almost ready to post. I know, quite a long time coming. But, anyways, as I journaled my […]

Nursing for Comfort

It is reassuring to know that Nursing for Comfort has many benefits … Jemma is especially happy :) Definitely a worthwhile read for mama’s currently or considering breastfeeding.

Enjoy Birth

Whenever I need a dose of encouragement or an informative article about birth I turn to Enjoy Birth. It is a serious blessing to have such a great resource at my fingertips! This week the author, Sheridan (mom of 3), posted a list of recent articles she has come across. Two of my favorite links were What […]

Breastfeeding Q&A

Mrs. G at Our Growing Garden just had a baby boy, James. She is making the trek through breastfeeding land and had some great questions for her pediatrician. I’m so glad she decided to share her pediatricians answers – such valuable information for a wondering mama! Check out her full post here. Now that James has surpassed […]

Pillow WITH Arms

I’m sure you were all wondering what I meant by “pillow with arms” when I added it to my birth center packing list. Well, this is it! I remember my Mom had one of these when my sisters were born. It was the perfect nursing pillow. Doesn’t squish. Perfect prop in bed or on the […]

101 Reasons to Breastfeed

A great resource to support mamas on their breastfeeding journey.Some of my favorite reasons (of the 101 listed) are … Breast milk is more digestible than formula Breast milk contains immunities to disease and aids in the development of baby’s immune system Nursing helps moms lose weight after baby is born … GREAT REASON :) […]