La Leche

I sucked up my new people nervousness and went to a La Leche League meeting Wednesday night. Our Bradley Class recommended trying one out and to be honest, before they even mentioned it I had already thought about giving it a try. Nothing like a little support for the ta-tas before they take over my […]

Baby Bond

I ran across a steal ($10) for what seems to be an awesome nursing cover from Baby Bond. Mine came in the mail today so I gave Dominic a fashion show so he could see how easy it is to use (he was mildly amused) … now all I need is a baby! This cover […]

Not Victoria’s Secret

Nursing bras.Yikes.Not really something I want to think about. I already have a hard enough time finding semi-attractive bras for my girls. My ma blessed me with quite a pair (yep, mom, I’m calling you out for your boob genes). As much as I love Nordstrom, my visits to their lingerie department always make me […]

When Baby Eats

I pretty much have the menu for baby’s first 6-9 months figured out (breastmilk), but after that I feel like I am tossed into a whirlwind of choices. What to foods to start with and when … When to introduce new things … The organic dilemma … Avoiding choking hazards … {fear ensues} All while […]

La Leche League

Permission to Mother got me thinking about breastfeeding support. I immediately thought about the La Leche League and decided to check out their website. (What would I do without internet searches?) The LLL has monthly meetings close by and encourage mothers-to-be to attend. I have a different commitment this month, but plan to go to […]

Blog Friend’s Soap Box (and maybe my future one)

I haven’t embarked on my breastfeeding journey … but it’s coming. At the moment I’m a bit consumed by the science of it. But, these types of posts always catch my eye … read the “Nursing in Public War” and let me know what you think. I think she’s got a pretty valid point.

Nordstrom Pumps & Breast Pumps

Back in the day, which consists of life pre-January 2010, Nordstrom pumps made my heart beat a little faster. You know, the ones that make your feet feel like a princess? Pumps are now a part of the past, and breast pumps are my future :) At least for a little while … On Tuesday, […]