On the Morning of Your Surgery

I wrote this before Reid’s first surgery last Fall and now we’re gearing up for another one. Not on his thumb this time though, this round is with a urologist for a minor procedure, but the surgery sentiments are the same. I’ll never get over my mix of love and hate for this process. So thankful that […]

Part Three — Reid’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

We had our post-op appointment last week and I went solo with all 3 kids. You can imagine the comical event that that was. I promised 100 things for listening ears and quiet voices. I packed books and snacks. I tried to time naps perfectly. And, I fueled our trip with a salted caramel frappe from one […]

Part Two — Reid’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

We drove to Seattle on Thursday morning, September 1st; Reid’s 8 month birthday. I had dreaded surgery day for weeks, but felt a big wave peace on our drive north. A lot of people were praying for us and we felt it.  We checked into the Bellevue Surgery Center and Reid smiled sweetly for his […]

Part One — Reid’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

You know what sucks?  Prepping for surgery. For your child. I mean, I assumed that with kids I might have to weather a surgery or two for various mishaps over the years. I pray I won’t, but let’s face it, having 3 kids kinda sorta prompts the reality of ER potential for at least one of […]

When They’re Not Perfect

Perfect probably isn’t the right word. But, when your baby is born a parent’s hope is ultimate health. That complete health often equals “perfection”. So, when something is “wrong” a piece of your heart breaks. Your child isn’t whole, something is amiss, you have decisions to make, and a future to consider. You are filled […]