Homeschooler’s Guide To Awesome Bible Lessons

Hey, hey! How about a homeschool update/round up?

Homeschooling has become such a huge part of our lives! Two kids has ramped things up like, WOAH. School work and school prep and field trips and my attempts at keeping learning fun gets most of my focus during the day. It’s a lot of work and a lot of awesome and I truly feel blessed to be my children’s teacher. Which, I think, means that things are going well!

Then again, it’s only mid-October :)

Bible is one of the subjects we do together and it’s probably my favorite. I love merging reading, history, copy work, and memorization. Our conversations have been pretty great too. Kid theology is amazing and I learn so much from their faithful little hearts.

We don’t use a specific Bible curriculum. Instead, we’re working through a number of books and memorizing a verse together as a family each month. Jemma and Max are also involved with Impact Girls and Royal Rangers at church so they get a dose of Bible study through that too. All that to say, I thought I’d share a handful of our favorite books thus far!

Homeschooler's Guide To Awesome Bible Lessons

God’s Names by Sally Michael — This is our main study right now. It’s so good! I’m learning just as much as the kids are! Each chapter highlights one of God’s names, ties in Scripture, and ends with questions for the kids that help imbed that particular name in their minds.

The Jesus Storybook: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones — If you don’t have this yet, BUY IT! A paper copy and the audiobook version. It’s the best first Bible option out there.

Super Heroes Storybook: Strong and Brave Bible Heroes Who Changed the World For Jesus by Carolyn Larsen — Max is in love with this collection of Bible stories, it totally plays into his love of superhero. 

Found: Psalm 23 by Sally Lloyd-Jones — Reid and Eli both enjoy this board book; lovely illustrations and a simple rendition of Psalm 23. I hope this author/illustrator continue with more board book options!

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids by Sarah Young — Jemma reads this on her own and gives it two thumbs up!

NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible — Last year I bought Jemma her first full Bible. She has seen me journaling in mine and definitely wanted one that she could do artwork in too. This one is perfect! The pages are just thick enough for colored pencils and the cover is such a pretty color.

The World Jesus Knew by Marc Olson — We just got this from the library and I think I need to buy it for our home library. It explores the historical elements of Jesus’ time and puts a lot of the stories into the context of the time.

Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible by Caryn Rivadeniera — Jemma and Max begin rest time doing a few independent activities and then join up for free play together. I put this book on hold for Jemma at the library and encouraged her to read a chapter each day at the beginning of rest, today she informed me that she’s been reading 2-3 chapters each day because she likes it so much!

Bible Infographics For Kids: Giants, Ninja Skills, a Talking Donkey, and What’s the Deal With the Tabernacle? by Harvest House Publishers — I found this book at Costco (they have such great Bible resources on a pretty regular basis!) and had to get it because it mentioned “ninja skills”. That and all the other facts in includes wow me as much as the kids!

What Bible/Bible supplement books does your family like?

I’m especially on the lookout for a good first Bible for Max here in the next year or two for when he is reading more! And one of these days we will probably give a true curriculum a go. Do you have one you like?

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