Max’s Surgery Anniversary

Two months before Max’s surgery our dear photographer took lifestyle portraits of Max. To this day, they’re still some of my favorites. Probably always will be because I am a sappy, lovey mama who thinks her children are adorably perfect and sweet. Every inch of them! I had always been protective of Max’s extra thumb, shedding many tears over thoughtless comments, questions over what to do … worry, fear, wondering. It’s a difficult thing to process when your child isn’t born perfect compared to the world’s standards.

If anything, Max’s double thumb taught me the immense love the Lord has for each one of His children – all our flaws, inabilities, unique quirks – He loves them all. Just as I love, and will always love Max … no matter the details of his looks, personality or choices.

As Christine always does, she captured such beauty from Max’s uniqueness.

2013_Cstrole_-3641Today marks the one year anniversary of Max’s polydactyly reconstruction; The surgery that removed his extra thumb and restructured his base knuckle. You can read all about it here: part one, part two, part three. I’m so relieved to have surgery behind us. At a year old, it was so hard to hand my baby over to the nurse at Mary Bridge, but it was the perfect time. He didn’t fight much and he was asleep before he really knew what was happening. Dominic and I were there shortly after he woke up and I was able to nurse him as soon as possible.

Of course, his surgery opening up our exploration of hemihypertrophy, adding additional stress to his healing, but all of that has been laid to rest and he’s a happy, healthy 2 year old now! Praise the Lord!!!

About five months after surgery I ordered doTERRA’s Immortelle blend after reading about its amazing healing properties for scars. Max’s scar was thick, raised and almost purple in color. It had healed well inside and he had full movement which was all that truly mattered, but I wanted to be proactive in healing his skin and the appearance of his new thumb too.

Immortelle did it – it has improved immensely. I’m amazed and floored and consider Max’s thumb my essential oil claim to fame :) His thumb was beautiful the day he was born and it is today too …

thumb surgery anniversary

For me, this scar represents true love, trust in God’s purpose, thankfulness for our healthcare providers and joy in my son’s ability to adapt, overcome and thrive.

Happy one year anniversary of your surgery, Max! You’re a strong little man and Mama loves you to bits! Now, let’s get those hands dirty – you don’t have any cast to worry about keeping clean today!

Want to read more about Max’s extra thumb? Read about the day Max was born and when we discovered he was born with 11 fingers.

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  1. mommajorje says

    Yay! What a journey to have behind you. :)