About Me — Updated!

I clicked on my about page up above the other day and was alarmed to see that according to it I was still a mom of 2! Totally not true – Reid is here and has been for almost 5 months! Time for some updating! So, I gave it a little makeover! Now the about page shares […]

A Dozen Things About Me

 Lily Jade purse + StitchFix dress + garage sale cardigan It’s a home day here! Woohoo! Jemma loves them because she gets to wear sleeveless (I have no idea why this is os exciting, but she loves tank dresses most of all and always requests these “with NO sweater, please” on home days). I love […]

In Case You Wondered

Necklace from the amazing Archer + Hare It has been awhile since I waxed narcissism on you all with a post all about me. So, here it goes … things you just need to know before continuing your day. I love drinking water from the faucet during the winter. The freezing pipes make it extra […]


Instagram inspired me to dig deep and round up twenty random things I’m sure you were just dying to know about me :) 1) In college I was first runner up for Miss Portland. 2) I’ve never broken a bone. 3) I wish I would have gone to design school – specifically graphic or textile, […]

ABC Quiz-o-rama

It’s true – I copied this Pinterest tutorial for my head scarf Just in case you were curious about That Mama Gretchen … here’s a little more about me! Feel free to copy the questions and comment with your post if you do it too! A. age :: twenty five on October 5th   B. […]

Post #200

In honor of post #200 here is a bit of something and a bit of nothing about me … just 20 things since 200 seems a bit overboard :) My Dad taught me to drive when I was 7. It was just a golf cart, but still … I buzzed through the woods and up […]