A Dozen Things About Me


 Lily Jade purse + StitchFix dress + garage sale cardigan

It’s a home day here! Woohoo! Jemma loves them because she gets to wear sleeveless (I have no idea why this is os exciting, but she loves tank dresses most of all and always requests these “with NO sweater, please” on home days). I love them because it’s just a touch after 9 and I’m still sipping coffee in my favorite sweats. Max? He’s a fan because the kitchen is at his beck and call all day long … so far this morning he’s had a banana, cereal, water and 2 pieces of toast on constant tap. I no longer don’t doubt the phrase, “Boys will eat you out of house and home” now that I have Max.

Because I have nothing better to do while I sip my coffee, here are a dozen random facts about me … you’re welcome, now you too can have a wonderful Wednesday :)

ONE /// I love turbie towels. If you don’t own one, you must. Like, can we even be friends unless you have one?

TWO /// I didn’t eat beef until I was pregnant with Jemma. Hated the taste, texture, idea of it … now steak is one of my top picks for fancy dinners!

THREE /// One year ago I never ever ever would have thought I could run 5 miles. Now I can. A lot can change in a year and that makes me smile at the future.

FOUR /// Low fat dairies don’t sit well with me. Bloat city. But heavy dairies like cream are just fine. Is the over processing hard on your gut or something?

FIVE /// Both of my kids have been born on dear friends birthdays. It makes me feel like God gave each of them special soul mamas to watch over them a little extra.

SIX /// At midnight I get a second win and it carries me until at least 2AM. No wind arrives to carry me when Max rustles awake at his newfound hour of 5:30AM. Cry me a river and float me to nap time.

SEVEN /// When we were in Austin I fell in love with real cowboy boots. I did not fall in love with the price. So, to eBay I went … and there I found a pair of black beauties for $40!

EIGHT /// I’m not a pet person. There, I said it. I might be the mom who never gets my kid a pet. The only one they may be able to convince me of is a giant rabbit

NINE /// Nothing puts me to sleep like Serenity. Nothin’. Just a swipe or two on my feet and big toe and ZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz.

TEN /// I’m good at a bunch of things. Great at nothing. And I’m finally ok with that. I like to think of it as being diverse in my own unique way. Want to talk cooking? I can jam. You’re an outdoors person? I hiked Mt. Adams once. Cars are your thing? I drove an ’81 Mercedes convertible for years. You sew? Me too, but only if there is an element of freehand and flexibility in the pattern :)

ELEVEN /// Salt and vinegar chips (specifically the really thick ones from Trader Joe’s) are my weakness. And pretty much the only chip I like.

TWELVE /// My best friends are absent from social media most days. One isn’t even on Facebook; the other doesn’t have Instagram!

Tell me something about yourself!

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  1. says

    2am! Girl, I admire your ability to run on such a small amount of sleep and still get stuff done. Super encouraged by your running accomplishments, I just started and it is slow going!

    Salt N Vinegar FTW.

    • Gretchen says

      It’s still slow going for me. Probably always will be. But those few runs here and there where I feel really good? They’re all worth it :)